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21 Amazing Watercolor Tattoos That Look Real

by Fashionlady
Watercolor Spine Tattoos

Watercolor Tattoos

Tattoos have created quite a stir by now, with everyone getting inked. Here are watercolor tattoos cropping up creating the buzz and trend in the tattoos section. Deviating from the traditional tattoos, the soft colors that a watercolor tattoo comprises of is more attractive.

What is Watercolor Tattoo?

A water color tattoo is one of different hues of colour, that being the only difference from normal tattoos. Otherwise, the same tools go behind the making or traditional as well as water color tattoos.

Best Watercolor Tattoo Ideas:

1. Watercolor Flower Tattoo:

Florals have always been in style and will always be in style. Having gained popularity in the apparels, footwear and mehendi field, it has now spread the fever to the tattoo side.

Sophisticated Magic

What is so great about this tattoo you may think? But the ‘less is more’ theory applies everywhere.

watercolor flower tattoo-sophisticated magic

Sexy Back

Cannot stop staring, will not stop staring. This drool worthy tattoo is worth the pain.

watercolor flower tattoo-sexy back

A Beautiful Palette

A spalsh of beautiful colours can make a palette, does it necessarily have to a multitude of colours?

watercolor flower tattoo-a beautiful palette

All Shades Of Black

One colour that never goes wrong is black, and a floral black is something to look out for.

watercolor flower tattoo-all shades of black


These undefined with a subtle outlined sunflowers are all you need to get going.

Watercolor Flower Tattoo Sexiest Floral Backs

Bleeding colour

This subtle flower on the wrist is a vague depiction of beauty.

Watercolor Flower Tattoo Bleeding colour

A Rainbow Trial

How beautiful is this splash of colours tuning into a colourful bouquet?

Watercolor Flower Tattoo A Rainbow Trial

2. Watercolor Rose Tattoo:

Oh, it’s no wonder, the rose is the most flower of the lot. With its beautiful petals branching out into a specific shape, it can look just as beautiful on the skin too.

A Soul Connection

Notice how the tattoo is camouflaging into the body as if the tattoo is a result of emotions within. Just so lovely a piece!

watercolor rose tattoo-a soul connection

Budding Beauty

Notice how the bud inside is highlighted making the tattoo look all the more attractive, and of course the colour is sure its strongest point.

Watercolor Rose Tattoo Budding Beauty

Fly Away

It requires a lot of detail and creativity to bring a meaning out of a tattoo and to make it adhere to the meaning.

Watercolor Rose Tattoo Fly Away

3. Watercolor Feather Tattoo:

Kings and ancestors have used feathers for various reasons. It sure holds a feeling of royalty to it. What better than having to embrace it permanently on ourselves?

Splendid Feather

Notice how regal this tattoo can make one look. The beauty of it is unmatched.

Watercolor Feather Tattoo Splendid Feather

4. Watercolor Butterfly Tattoo:

Butterfly tattoos are known to depict a breath into life. So there’s no surprise why people go gaga over these tattoos after the deep meaning.

Life As We Know It

The beauty of this tattoo is the simplicity that comes along with it.

Watercolor Butterfly Tattoo Life As We Know It

5. Watercolor Bird Tattoo:

Birds and animals are the favourites of many. If you are in the same segment, these are tattoos you will adore all day.

A Magnificent Cycle

The absolutely mind blowing colours narrowing down on the bird and the flower is marvelous work.

Watercolor Bird Tattoo A Magnificent Cycle

6. Watercolor Tree Tattoo:

The Tree of Life, being the most popular among the tree tattoos has gained wide recognition. But this tattoo below would be your new craze now.

Back To The Roots

The portrayal of roots around the wrist, holding onto it so tight is beyond beautiful.

Watercolor Tree Tattoo Back to the Roots

7. Watercolor Heart Tattoo:

It is mistaken that heart tattoos are only for those in love, No. A heart is a symbol of love and peace in any form.


When Two Worlds Collide

Each heart tattoo within it or just outside it has a picture of the interest of each. The first being a world map kind for a travel lover and the second being fire for the rebel.

Watercolor Heart Tattoo When two Worlds Collide

A Loved One Tattoo

Getting inked with the name of your loved ones is an over-whelming feeling. A must-do.

Watercolor Heart Tattoo a Loved one Tattoo

8. Watercolor Dragon Tattoo:

Dragons, dragons breathing out fire etc – How many times have you’ll thought of getting a ‘cool’ tattoo like this since a young age?

Wisdom Dragon

Dragons are the synonyms of wisdom, strength, and power. It tries to show that all are inter-related and only with wisdom comes strength and power.

Watercolor Dragon Tattoo Wisdom Dragon

9. Watercolor Sunflower Tattoo:

The brightest and happiest of the lot is the sunflower. Giving us a reason to be bright and smiling all day.

Picture Perfect

This watercolor tattoo has all the perfect hues making it look like it was just plucked and pasted onto the skin. Wow.

Watercolor Sunflower Tattoo Picture Perfect

10. Watercolor animal tattoos:

A man’s best friend they say, well not just dogs, animals in general. Their loyalty when tamed is unattainable in walks of life.

A Tribe

Elephants are a symbol of dignity and longevity, which are essential positive notes to always go ahead in life.

Watercolor animal tattoos a Tribe


The random throw of colour has still resulted in the formation of a cute little cat that deserves all the attention.

Watercolor Animal Tattoos Purr-fect

Tips for Water Color Tattoos:

  • In the initial week, make sure the tattoo doesn’t come in contact with any substance except water. (Limit the water usage too)
  • While getting the tattoo, if you focus on defined lines, the tattoo is less likely to fade.

Watercolor tattoos are the most attractive lot. Preserving their contrast, colors and texture can make you increase the charm of it with every passing day.

Get inked in the most beautiful way!

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