We Bet, These Bra Secrets Will Surprise You!


Need To Know About Bras

There are few things in our society that are stigmatized. For no reason whatsoever!! Periods, sex, live-in relationships, being in a relationship, bras and erm, vagina. Okay, to some extent, keeping our culture, traditions and maryada in mind, I can understand the stigma around sex or rather premarital sex and live-in relationships. But what is the stigma towards being in a relationship?

Leave all that, why can’t girls openly talk about periods and bras? Blows me!

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I mean, bras plays such an essential role in every woman’s life. Then why would people not talk about it? Share some trade secrets that they’ve learnt from experience?

This for example –

Source: pinterest.com

Don’t you guys feel this too? Feel really good from the inside?

Well, don’t worry girlies!

After much thought, we have decided to write a post on everything one needs to know about bras. Because – why not?!

The Right Age to Start Wearing a Bra

Let’s start off with the most appropriate question. What age should you start wearing a bra? 14? 15? Sweet 16? Ermmm.. Wrong! There is not right age to wear a bra. You wear it when your twins starts to grow.

Type of Bra

Well, if you guys thought cotton bra with a lot of seams were your only answer, then you were wrong. Thanks to evolution, there are a lot of bras these days. Underwire, demi cup, full cup (coverage) push-up, padded, non-padded, seamless and the list never ends.

You just need to try them on and find the perfect pair – just like your soulmate!

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Bra Colours

Growing up, we knew only three colours – white, black and beige. #cringes at the thought of it! But we didn’t know there were colours that we could explore. Lord bless online shopping for showing us a range of colours that we didn’t know existed!

Bra colours
Source: pinterest.com

Bra Straps

So, you guys, you do know that strapless bra’s actually don’t look strapless (magically) right? Instead of showing the awkward transparent strap, why don’t you wear a halter and show some nice peppy colour?

Strapless bras
Source: cloudfront.net

What to Wear

We needed to stop doing this yesterday – wearing mismatched bras. Never wear a white bra under a black top and a black bra under a white top! It’s always good to wear matching bras but if you are feeling a bit daring, then you can opt for universal colours like hot pink, mint green, peppy orange, etc! But remember, to flaunt these lingerie colors under the see through tops, will need lots of confidence.



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