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Wedding Poses For The South Indian Bride

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South Indian Wedding Poses

South Indian Wedding Poses

India is an amalgamation of varied cultures and one would be baffled to see how within the same religion, the customs vary so much from location to location. Same holds in true for the South Indian wedding rituals as well. A person from the far north will make a complete stranger to the rituals of a South Indian wedding. So, here is a list of essential wedding poses that every South Indian bride should click on her wedding. Not only will they leave her friends from the other part of the country enchanted but will also make a memory for a life time.

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Wedding Poses for the South Indian Bride

  • Haldi Ceremony
  • The Extended Family
  • The South Indian Traditional Hairstyle
  • South Indian Wedding Jewelry
  • Full Length of the Wedding Attire
  • Toe Ring Ceremony
  • Mangalsutra/ Taali Daan
  • Rice Showering / Talambralu
  • The Bride and Groom Together
  • Click A Few Conventional Ones
  • And A Few Not-So-Conventional Ones – Let The Eye Brows Raise

1. Haldi Ceremony

The Haldi Ceremony is an essential part of all Hindu weddings and so is the trend with the South Indian weddings. The wedding album just can’t fail to have one candid picture of the bride getting smeared in haldi paste. It gives a glow to the vibrantly warm tone of the Indian skin, thus rendering the beautiful bride a princess-like charisma.

South Indian Haldi Ceremony

Source: weddingsutra.com

2. The Extended Family

Indian weddings are famous for the size of the guest list. You will meet all those relatives who, you had no idea, even existed. This is perhaps the first time the bride meets a number of her kins from far off places. And chances of meeting them anytime sooner are very slim too. Cherish the moment. Get a big one clicked with your big family. A moment to go in the history of the family.

Family at South Indian Wedding

Source: facebook.com/WeddingTwinkles

3. The South Indian Traditional Hairstyle

Where most of the Indian brides arrange their hair into a bun, South Indian brides weave their never-ending long tresses into an extended plait. To top it, they decorate this braid with golden decorative jewelries and hair accessories or rich flower garlands. Something unique in its own appeal, and perhaps something that you don’t do that often. This wedding pose certainly needs a special place in your album.

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South Indian Traditional Hairstyle

Source: blogspot.com

4. South Indian Wedding Jewelry

While gold jewelry is a staple in all Indian weddings, the South Indian Bride jewelry is something one could commit felony for. The exquisite designs and heavy texture is a signature to the south Indian bridal jewelry. There are multiple heavy gold neckpieces of varied sizes adorning the neck and bosom of the bride. You will never know when you will wear all of them together next, so why not click a couple of pictures.

South Indian Wedding Jewelry

Source: boutiquedesignerjewellery.com

Continue reading for more south Indian wedding photography poses.

5. Full Length Picture of the South Indian Wedding Saree

The distinctive next thing about the South Indian Bride is her wedding attire. Indian wedding attires are characterized by heavy lehengas with zardozi work. But in the southern part of the country girls choose heavy Kanjivaram sarees/pattu saris for their weddings. These sarees have golden metallic threads weaved throughout them in various motifs and patterns. One full size pic of the bride showcasing her lovely ensemble is a must.

South Indian Wedding Poses with Saree

Source: pinterest.com

6. Bridal Toe Ring Ceremony

As a part of the ritual, the groom needs to slide a toe ring on the bride’s toe. This does not take place in most of the communities. We really want to freeze this moment into a picture and show it later to our friends from different communities.

Bridal Toe Ring Ceremony

Source: vlblog.net

7. Mangalsutra Daan / Taali

The Mangalsutra is a common piece of matrimonial jewelry that most of the Hindu brides sport. The Mangalsutra or Taali holds more vitality among the south Indian community as compared to many other Hindu communities like Bengalis, Assamese or Punjabi’s. The Taali is placed on the bride’s neck by the groom during a special ceremony. The camera person must not fail to capture this magic moment.

South Indian Showering Rice

Source: scoopwhoop.com

9. The Bride and Groom Together

After all the wedding is not about the numerous ceremonies. The wedding is about the two souls getting united forever. Click as many moments you can click of them laced together. The beautiful bride in all her splendor, and the tall dark handsome groom.

South Indian Bride and Groom Together

Source: photriya.com

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10. Click a Few Conventional Ones

South Indian Wedding Poses

Source: photriya.com

11. And a Few Not-So-Conventional Ones – Let The Eye Brows Raise

South Indian Wedding Poses

Source: fenglongphoto.com

Yeah! Now that what we call ‘Picture Perfect!’

Hope this article on south Indian Wedding poses is helpful to you to make sure that you capture the best and most unforgettable moments.

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