How To Wear A Bra In Style, Gals!


How To Wear A Bra

Gone are those days of stocking the lingerie drawer with a dozen of white bras that looked identical twins to each other. The lingerie stores have a wide variety of cuts and designs of bras at display. And being very honest with you, it is actually a pain to hide those glamorous inner wears beneath sheets of fabric. WE have for you a few ideas on how to wear a bra stylishly and show them of confidently.

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Here Are a Few Tips On How To Put On a Bra In Style

Follow these tips on how to put on a bra in style and you can show them off with grace and panache.

1. Wear Bra as a Saree – Blouse

Did you take a notice of how sassy Priyanka Chopra looked in the ‘Desi Girl’ song? How could you even afford to miss it? No wonder she has been crowned as Bollywood’s official Desi Girl post that show. Don’t worry gals! Even you can carry it like Piggy Chopps. Ditch that boring blouse. Get a designer bra that goes well with a chiffon saree. Or just get a cute colorful one and try out some patterns on it yourself.

How To Wear A Bra

Check out Aishwarya Rai (before transforming into the coy Bachchan bahu) in this super sexy avtar.

How to put on a bra


2. Wear Bra as a Choli

Try using a bra as a Choli with a Lehenga and you will be the prime attraction of a grand and glitzy wedding night. Your bra wearing style can just become the talk of the town for that night. Or perhaps you should not be this mean to the bride by stealing away all the focus (hahaha – evil laugh***). If do not get a bra that goes with that dazzling lehenga of yours, just get the choli stitched in a bra pattern. You may go for a matching color like the one below.

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Bra fitting

Or try out a sensual contrasting number like this one.

How to wear bra perfectly

3. Wear Bra With Jeans

If you know how to wear the right bra in style and can pull it off, a designer bras can actually make for great tops. You don’t have to wear a shirt over it, just a pair of well fitted jeans under it you may accessorize your bare abs with a few chunky waist bands. Statement belts will also make up for a great embellishment to complete the steamy look. If you are a beginner with this style, try to cover up with a sheer barely there shirt. A jacket or knitted poncho can also help you in getting your confidence back.

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The wedding season, the festivities and the New Year’s Eve are almost knocking at the door. Go Bra Shopping girls!


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