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How to Wash, Dry and Store Your Bras?

by Fashionlady
How to Properly Care for Your Bras

How to Properly Care for Your Bras
Lace, cotton beige or silky satin, bras are not an ordinary piece of lingerie. They are a piece of garment that supports your bust line and gives your assets the padding and push.

Bra care therefore becomes very essential so that bras can stay in shape and last longer. The plastic clips and metal hooks in bras need to be considered too so that they don’t wear out too soon.

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A bra on an average lasts not more than two years. But if it is given proper handling and attention, it can age gracefully too, rather than wearing out quickly. Here are some tips on how to look after a bra in the best possible way.

Lingerie Care

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Washing your bras

The best way to do it is by hand washing them with gentle soap and in cold water. Putting bras in a washing machine will expose them to harsh detergents which will tarnish their fibres particularly silk bras. If you still want to use a washing machine for lingerie wash, use cool water, not warm water.

When it comes to everyday bras, you can soak them in cold water for few minutes. Squeeze the soap suds, rinse the bras and roll it in a towel before putting it on the clothesline for drying.

How to Wash Bras

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If your bra has yellow sweat stains, gently rub it using mild soap and warm water and leave it for half an hour. Follow it up by washing the bra.

Here is a word of caution – don’t soak your bras. And wash your light and coloured bras separately. Meaning wash white bra with like-minded whites and colour bra with like-minded colours.

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Before washing, hook or fasten the bra clasps. This way they will not get tangled in other items of clothing that are in the washing queue.

Avoid using bleach as it being a harsh chemical might affect the bra’s fabric and elasticity.

While washing your bra, remember that heavy items like towels, bed sheets and denim can bring damage to undergarments, especially underwire bras. So try not to stuff your washing machine to critical limit.

Bra Rules for wash

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Drying your bras

When it comes to washing your bra, there are two options available – hand wash and machine wash. But when it comes to drying the bras, hanging them is the best method available.

Do not use a mechanical dryer as the heat coming out of it can damage the bra fabric and its elasticity.

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best way to store your bra

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Do not fold your bras, but keep them in a flat position in such a way that one cup is pushing into the other cup. This will help maintain their shape and will reduce any possibility of the bra clasps getting entangled.


How to Store Your Bras

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Another important aspect to bear in mind is that the bras should be rotated by women regularly. Since the bra comes close to the skin, the body sweat can end up breaking the fabric if not cleaned often.

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bra storage solutions

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Ideally a woman should have three bras with herself – one for wearing, one for washing and one in the drawer. Over-worn bras end up losing their elasticity and support. How can one make out an overworn bra? Stretched straps that have the habit of falling off the shoulders and the bra cup developing wrinkles.

how to organize bras

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So if you want to stay in the fountain of youth, maintain your bras in the right manner. Hope you are better informed now on bra care and would use these tips.

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