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What To Do With Your Bridal Christian Gown Once The Marriage is Over?

by Fashionlady
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Repurpose your lovely Christian bridal gown darlings, and that is exactly what saves the day. You have spent your worth on the lovely ensemble. So pure, white and bright, and a gown that made you look like a character, straight out of a fairytale princess wedding. But now that the D-Day is over and done with, instead of locking away the gown for memory sake, why not reuse them in chic and sassy ways. It helps bring back the memories and to keep them alive too!

Up-cycling the Wedding gown

Most of us, (we’ve learnt it from our grandmas and moms) would obviously want to preserve the sacred Christian gown for our daughters (in the future). A family heirloom maybe, or something quite emotional to give away, some of us would donate it to charity or simply cut the cloth and tassels to make window curtains, upholstery and even chic pillow cases too. But what if we gave you 5 ways to up-cycle the gown?

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Upcycled Wedding Gowns

Source: 2dayslook.com

1. For the first sacrament

Catholics have BAPTISM as the first sacrament, where the female child is CHRISTENED with holy water at the altar, in the presence of the family members and the priest along with the church congregation. The gown (part of it) could be cut and recycled into the baby’s christening dress.

Christening gowns

Source: etsy.com

2. First Holy Communion

The second most important sacrament for the catholic domain would be the FIRST HOLY COMMUNION, where the child pledges his or her allegiance to be the soldiers of Jesus Christ. It is at this ceremony where the child (female) should be dressed as a bride. Her trousseau needs to be all-white. Use the remaining part of the gown for the child’s dress!

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White Christening Gown

Source: dhgate.com

3. Cocktail dress

DIY or grab hold of a trendy tailor around town and do not give up on the gown you cherish with your heart and soul. Shame that we get to wear such a beauty just once, but hey, you can convert the one-timer into a many-moments to enjoy; make a cocktail gown!

cocktail dress for wedding

Source: bloglovin.com

4. Home accents

Use the satin white lace to decorate the lighting fixtures at home, especially when Santa comes calling. Christmas and no whites around the house would be such a dull moment. You could also use the ends of the laces to hem the tree or embellish it, instead of using ribbons. Now that is what we call a WHITE CHRISTMAS.

Christmas Ribbons

Source: etsy.com

5. Turn a part of it into a chic satchel

We all carry our little makeup touches and retouches on us, and in a small bag too. Why not convert the base of the gown into a chic white satchel. It would look trendy to carry and all eyes would be applauding your creativity too.

miranda vintage lace bridal bag

Source: etsy.com

There are many more ideas on how to upscale and reuse your prized wedding gown, and all you have to do is to be very imaginative! We hope you loved our ideas!

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