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What To Wear With Green Pants To Make People Go Green

by Fashionlady
What To Wear With Green Pants

What To Wear With Green Pants

You know what? Green is the new black! Well, no it’s not yet, but if you master the skill of wearing the green pants impeccably, it may soon be the new black or even the new blue. Now if you are all confused wondering what to wear with green pants to make it an everyday affair, here is what you do.

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If comfort and funk is what you associate your personality with, pick up a pair of these super cool cargos and team them with equally funky sweatshirts. These cargo pants aren’t dead tight, so there is plenty of room for you to breathe in. Again, if you have a good body and you want people to know it go for skinny cargo pants, the concerned will certainly be addressed.

Green Cargo Pants

Source: stylegee.com

Keeping the mood funky in office, pick up a well-fitted pair of khaki pants. Khaki green pants serve the dual purpose like nothing else. They can be worn to office as molded into a formal attire and if required you can also replace your blue denims with them. That’s two birds in a stone, girls.

How To Wear Green Pants

Source: outfitideashq.com

Talking of replacing your blue denims, why not replace them with green denims instead. Yes you can wear your favorite super casual outfit in green too. Green denims blend perfectly with all bright colored tee-shirts and tops. Green denims are available at all malls and online stores. Even your favorite brand has a line of them. My favorite are these skinny jeans that I am going to wear till they wear out.

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Green denims

Source: gbofashion.com

Coming back to office wear, if you got a straight faced boss or a super stringent HR policy that forces you to be in traditional formals Monday through Thursday, may as well pick up a pair of conventional trouser in a darker shade of green. Pair them up with a blouse in black, white or any contrasting colors and you are done.

Green High Waist Pants

Source: aliexpress.com

A smart pair of green shorts can actually give some serious competition to your favorite hot pants. They go with all kinds and colors of tee-shirts or vests. And these shorts aren’t super short or tight, you maintain the modesty you want to. Adding a cap or hat as an accessory will work in your favor too.

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Green shorts

Source: fashrom.com

Green as a color won’t only look good when used as a solid, but also appears lively when worn in prints. Right from abstract to floral to geometric, printed green pants can be teamed up with your chosen blouse or top for any family gathering or even a date night for that matter.

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Printed green pants

Source: clochet.com

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See how Gewn Stefani pulled off an off shoulder crop top with green sailor pants? Goals, people, goals!

Gwen Stefani in green sailor pants

Source: popsugar.com

And that one time Fergie popped out of an airplane in green leather pants, describes how green can be your go to color of the season.

Fergie in green leather pants

Source: celebuzz.com


When I said team up a conventional blouse with green trousers, this is what I meant. Check out Zoe Salanda

Zoe Saldana in green trousers

Source: popsugar.com

when our pretty little liar Lucy Hale rocks the green skinny jeans like this, she officially makes it glorious like nothing ever.

Green Cargo Pants

Source: denimblog.com

Jennifer Lopez tells us, what to wear with green pants – green shirts. If you have it in you, the green on green combo can make the onlookers turn green with envy.

Jennifer Lopez in green dress

Source: wennermedia.com

Taylor is falling in love with green pants too, we don’t blame her. She looks effortlessly beautiful with those boots and don’t you dare miss the hat.

Taylor Swift in green pants

Source: pinterest.com

Bollywood has found a thing of interest in green pants as well, see how they rocked it. Check out Deepika Padukone in those green shorts.

Deepika Padukone in green shorts

Source: deepikafashion.com

But this time the award goes to Anushka Sharma for her Harper Bazaar photo shoot. Take a glass of water before you set your eyes on this amazing green printed suit Anushka sported.

Anushka Sharma in green printed suit

Source: talkingmoviez.com

Take a try in playing with colors. Blue and black are safe choices hands down, but there is so much fun in taking these chances. Now that you have enough knowledge on what to wear with green pants, make it work the next time you are out.

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