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What Woman MUST Know Before Getting a Haircut

by Fashionlady
What Woman MUST Know Before Getting Haircut

What Woman MUST Know Before Getting a Haircut
A beauty expert always suggests you to change your typical look at regular intervals and what tops this list is a haircut. While a new hair cut allows you to experiment with the current trends; a bad haircut can completely ruin your look. And it will become quite difficult for you to perfect your style, forcing you to go for a ponytail. In order to save you from such beauty ordeals, I offer you what woman MUST know before getting a haircut.

Instead of cursing your hairstylist and helplessly waiting for your hair to grow-out to give it a better shape, it’s better to prevent such meltdowns by taking a few things into consideration while going for a new haircut. Continue reading!

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1. Know your face type

Knowing your face type is very crucial in determining what hair cut suits you the best. And for this, you will have to find out whether your face is oval, round, square or heart-shaped. And if you are confused about your face shape then you can do it by determining your jawline. Let’s say if your jawline appears to be projecting towards the sides, then you have a square face, just like Cameron Diaz.
And if your jawline appears to be rounded from your chin towards the ears then you have round face. If your jawline is sharp and is slightly angled upwards then your face is oval, just like Sarah Jessica Parker. Those with heart-shaped face have chin as the sharpest part on their face with a curved jawline just like Reese Witherspoon.
By now you would have found out your face shape and this determination will greatly help you in picking a hairstyle that flatters your face and personality on the whole.
You could also read our post on haircuts to flatter your face shape. Here, we have spoken about what haircuts would suit each face shape.

Know your face type


2. Know your hair texture


Only finding out your face shape doesn’t help. You should know your hair texture as well. That’s because you may have coarse and curly to wavy and silky texture. If you have curly hair, you cannot simply wish to go for long and straight hair cut and if you have thin and fine hair then you cannot expect to go for a sleek hairstyle. Your thin hair would look much thinner. You can however, leave this part to your hairstylist to determine and he/she can suggest you a suitable haircut that goes with your texture.

Know your hair texture


3. Don’t simply get carried away

Only because your favorite actress Anuskha Sharma is flaunting a short cropped hairstyle, that doesn’t mean you will too follow her. While the actress may look ‘cool’ in her wig, it’s not necessary that you would look the same.
Celebs undergo a series of experiments with different wigs and spend hours consulting with their hairstylist to get a haircut style that fits their character and personality alike. So be realistic and it’s always wise to consider the surrounding factors such as, is the new haircut is OK with your workplace culture, upcoming events and above all if you can maintain the look, post the haircut.

Don't simply get carried away


4. Don’t forget to consider your lifestyle

There are some hairstyles like the layered, flaunted by the super model, Gisele Bündchen that require high maintenance. Try considering if you can visit salon at regular intervals to ensure your hairstyle is at the right place. Besides, if your job demands outdoor tours then a sophisticated haircut won’t help you either.

5. Ensure you are ready for a new haircut

Sometime due to depression or stress, we look for some changes in our lives. And considering this, we either spend a fortune in unnecessary shopping or simply visit parlor for a new haircut. Do not go for any spontaneous decision, besides give ample time to your decision before settling down for any new haircut. Know the reasons why you need a new hairstyle, and then accordingly, go for it.

So those were the top 5 things to consider before going for a haircut. Hope this helps!

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