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Abstract Tattoos: Colorful, Playful And Obscure

by Fashionlady
Abstract tattoos for girls

Abstract tattoos

Our world is a beautiful place and since time immemorial we have used all kinds of medium to depict our love for the earth, the world and its elements. One way to express any kind of art is by the means of tattoos. People get tattoos for a number of reasons – to represent them or their life, for remembrance, to keep something close to their heart or something they really like. Tattoos can be an extension of yourself, so you should always put some thought in it before getting a tattoo done.

In this article we will talk about abstract tattoos and we have curated the best ones on the internet for your inspiration.

So What Exactly Are Abstract Tattoos?

Abstract tattoos are exactly what a tattoo is not. They will not be like a normal tattoo with lines and colors. But they will be something unique and different. Just like abstract art, these tattoos are a break from the reality. They do try to represent something from real life, but they will use different items to represent it. Abstract art is how the artist understands it and each of us may understand it differently. So when you get to see unique abstract tattoos, you will not exactly know what the meaning of these tattoos may be. You need to interpret it yourself!

Scroll down to check out some of the best abstract tattoos to get you inspired. You could try and have your own interpretations for them.

1. Small Abstract Tattoos:

Tiny pieces of art for the small tattoo lover.

  • This love for Brooklyn city:Love for Brooklyn city
  • An abstract floral and geometric tattoo (maybe used to represent life, even we aren’t that sure!):
    Geometric tattoo
  • The perfect abstract art tattoo to show your love for Van Goh – This Van Gogh painting on your elbow:
    The perfect abstract art tattoo
  • A delicate abstract art tattoo on your finger:
    Delicate abstract art tattoo

2. Abstract Music Tattoos

  • Water splashes and a musical note for the music lover in you:

Water splashes tattoo

  • This line tattoo looks just like circles and lines, but if you look at it from a deeper perspective, you will see that it actually represents a violin:
    Line tattoo
  • When music gets into your veins, you get a colorful and small musical note tattoo like this:
    Music tattoo


  • You love playing the piano so much so that it is intertwined with your DNA – why not get a tattoo which is a combination of this:
    Piano tattoo

3. Abstract Tribal Tattoos

  • One of the most famous people with tribal abstract tattoo art is Rihanna. The Jamaican singer has her hands in tribal Aboriginal art. Look at her masterpiece:
    Tribal abstract tattoo
  • A tattoo sleeve of abstract tribal tattoo; not for the faint-hearted! This tattoo actually requires a lot of hard work, but the end result is a masterpiece in itself:
    Abstract tribal tattoo
  • This tribal tattoo is a representation of your strength. Get it inked on your shoulder to remind yourself of power:
    Power tribal tattoo

4. Abstract Love Tattoos

Love makes the world go round and abstract love tattoos are the perfect way to show your affection for your significant other or your parents or for that matter, anything important to you. Here are some of our best picks!

  • A love tattoo with swallows:Love tattoo
  • An abstract love tattoo that may represent a flower too:
    Abstract love tattoo
  • A geometric and abstract art tattoo which depicts your love for animals:
    Geometric and abstract art tattoo
  • Because love is tumultuous and passion is insane in a loved up couple – this tattoo will perfectly demonstrate this:
    Loved up couple tattoo

5. Abstract Tattoos For Girls

This section will specifically cover tattoos which look beautiful on a girl – they are an extension of your feminine self and look elegant and sophisticated.

  • Some blue lines and triangles, for the geometry lover in you:

Blue lines and triangles tattoo

  • An intricately designed dotted tattoo which represents nature:

Dotted tattoo

  • Lines and water colors translate into something special and precious, like this beautiful girl tattoo:

Water colors translate tattoo

So that’s it from us on abstract tattoos. We are sure you would have loved something from above. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get one done

Images Source: pinterest

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