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Affordable Beauty Products For One And All!

by Fashionlady
Affordable Beauty Products

Affordable Beauty Products

For most of us who love makeup, it is undeniable that it is actually quite an expensive endeavor. Most of the good makeup brands have products which have sky high prices. But if you are a fashionista who has a beauty budget in mind, we are actually with you!

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You don’t really need to blow all your money on products which are very expensive. In fact, there are tons of brands and affordable beauty products India which offer almost the same thing but that too on a price that wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket. We at FashionLady have picked up some of the brands which will offer you good products but at a very reasonable price.

Best Affordable Makeup Products

Let’s read on to know more of these beauty products which will spruce up your makeup bag in a jiffy.

Affordable beauty products india

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Affordable Moisturizers

This is the most important part of your skincare routine. Good moisturizers form the base and you should always prep up your skin with a moisturizer before you begin to start your routine. It is a moisturizer which will keep your skin stay soft and supple for a long time. It has a non-sticky formula which makes it a great bet during those hot summer days.

Best affordable makeup products

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Maybelline BB Cream

If you are not such a foundation lover, then BB creams are your go to makeup product. They are not as heavy duty as foundations, but can give you a fair amount of coverage. BB creams are the lightest and the best solution for daily makeup. It can even out the complexion and remove any signs of blemishes and pigmentation. You don’t even need a brush to apply the Maybelline BB cream. Simply use your fingers to wipe the cream evenly all over your face. This one also has a light reflecting capability which makes the skin look glowing and dewy.

Maybelline thus is one of the best affordable beauty products and has tons of different shades in this range. Take a look at your options!

Affordable makeup brands

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This is how much coverage the BB cream can give you:

Maybelline BB Cream

Source: blogspot.com

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer

For those of you who cannot do without a concealer, this is something worth investing in and it is also one of the most affordable brands! It’s really good for covering all those spots and blemishes that your BB cream could not camouflage. It comes in a range of six shades and is available in any drug store.

Budget makeup products

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Maybelline Mascara

You may be wondering why almost everything we are mentioning is Maybelline. Well, needless to say, Maybelline is one of the most affordable makeup brands and sells products which are pretty much comparable with the high end ones. Maybelline has tons of mascaras in its range and each of them works in a perfect way. They make the lashes look thicker and much longer than they are. Plus they are purse friendly too!

And the price-well, they start from a range of just Rs. 100! Now how much cheaper can a good lipstick get? Elle 18 Lip Bombs are available online as well as in any of the drugstores.

Elle 18 Lip Bombs

Source: bbeautilicious.com

Look at the range of lipsticks they have!

Elle lipsticks

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See, we picked up some of the most affordable brands for you, and at irresistibly low prices!

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