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All You Need To Know About The Extremely Fashionable And Exotic Ikat Trend

by Fashionlady
Ikat Trend

Ikat Trend

Trends repeat themselves. After every decade or two they make a comeback and become a rage and talking point. Ikat Trend is one such hot favourite doing the global rounds. The word ‘Ikat’ comes from ‘Mengikat’. It means ‘to tie’ the loose threads, in order to specify the areas where the thread would be colored.

What Is Ikat?

Am sure those of you who have a taste for fashion would like to know more of what is ikat and ikat print.

Well, Ikat is a dyeing technique which is used to pattern textiles. It has been a huge craze in fashion and home interiors. From apparels, bed sheets, to even fashion accessories, Ikat trend can be seen on everything.

The centuries-old Ikat (pronounced “ee-cahht”) is about patterns which are made of colored ‘lines’. These ‘lines’ are actually threads which make woven textiles and go in two directions – vertical and horizontal. The vertical threads wound onto the loom are called the ‘warp’ threads.

What Is Ikat

Source: blog.wysada.com

The horizontal threads woven in are called ‘weft’ threads.

Ikat Print

Source: pinterest.com

Now in order to create an ikat pattern, the horizontal and vertical threads are first dyed and then woven in order to evolve a distinctive look.

Ikat fabric can be dyed in multiple ways. ‘Resist’ method is the most popular one which looks similar to tie-dye. A resist (which the dye can’t penetrate) is applied to the threads and after they are dyed, a pattern is created.

“Ikat tape,” which is a plastic, dye-proof tape is commercially available. Like the waxed thread, ikat tape is wrapped around the threads being dyed in order to protect and seal select areas on the fabric from the color. That’s how you get the tie-dye technique.

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All in all, ikat dress material is a stunning textile that fashion designers can encash upon to make beautiful and unique fabrics for their collections.

How To Make ‘Ikat’ A Part Of Your Daily Wardrobe

There is no ruling out the impact of ikat fashion in casual to office dos. Let’s check out how ikat print and ikat pattern is coming to be the new age fabric material.

1. Dressing

When it comes to beating the heat, there is nothing cooler than a cool, summery day dress. With the intriguing print on it, you can give serious competition to the sun.

Ikat Pattern

Source: amazon.in

You can have relaxed day out or a fun night by wearing cool ikat print romper and strappy heels.

Ikat Palazzo


3. Accessories

Make a point in corporate and fashion circles with ikat pattern handbag. Whether it’s an office or a weekend bag, just pair it with denim cut-offs and sneakers to put your best foot forward.

Ikat Bag

Source: polkacafe.com


4. Saree

A saree can never go out of style. And when you wear the one in ikat print, then you will surely win glances and attention. Contrasting colours in ikat print and the comfort of cotton gives you a double-edged heavenly feel and a definite style statement.

Ikat Saree

Source: pinterest.com

5. Scarves

Just wrap around an ikat print scarf and bring a dash of color to a dull outfit. An ikat print scarf with an ombre finish would be an interesting way to break monotony.

Ikat Scarves

Source: polkacafe.com

6. Jewelry

Keep your jewlery in an ikat print box and see how your ornaments get an interesting edge.

Ikat Jewellery Box

Source: fnista.com

Hope you enjoyed reading the background of Ikat Trend, and how you can wear it in your routine life and normal to festive celebrations. Which of these ikat print clothes and accessories would you love to buy? Tell us, in the comments section below on the new-found ikat fashion.

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