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Ball Room Dance Shoes to Choose From To Flaunt Those Elegant Moves

by Fashionlady
Ballroom shoes

ballroom dance shoes

Dance transcends all limits and man-made boundaries. It is an art that speaks of the human touch, of bonding and of connections that cannot be expressed in a few words. And when we speak of the elegant ballroom dances, of castles and charming ladies, an event so formal and chic, of men in all their chivalry and poise- girl you have got to get those shoes right!

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Learn The Difference

If only Cinderella’s step-sisters knew the difference between the classy ballroom dance shoes and the regular ones they taught were chic, the prince who looked for his mysterious princess would have been one of theirs! So ladies, learn the difference and put your best foot forward now!

Ballroom best Dance Shoes for Womens

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Soles made from suede and quite thin to touch and feel, ballroom shoes are made in such a manner to allow the feet to glide as you dance on the floor, and with perfect grip too. The shoes are flexible enough for the smooth moves to follow, and for you to flaunt your elegant dance skills too. The best shoes worn for many competitions and parties are those made from neutral shades, tan or flesh- colours that help extend and enhance the look of the feet and that of the legs, sans the unwanted attention down there.

How to Pick Ballroom Dancing Shoes

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A Varied Choice To Choose From

Yes, the new-age dancer has come a long way and she demands a little more than the conventional offerings on display.

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When talking about dance shoes for the ballroom saga this evening, there are three types to choose from, namely-

  1. Latin
  2. Standard, and
  3. Practice
ladies ballroom dance shoes

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Aesthetic And Functional Too

Ballroom shoes aren’t for fashion and style only, but for functional reasons too. They should provide style for sure, but not without enough of comfort, support and loads of help when performance wise, when you are on the floor. The pair you choose should be easy to wear and protectors of the feet too. There are some of us who choose to wear close-toes when dancing, just in case someone steps on our feet- OUCH, or if our nails hit our partner’s shoes- double OUCH!

womens Ballroom Shoes

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Buying a pair of reputed insoles would help in doubling the dance fun and the number of times you’d want to jig on the floor tonight. They add more comfort and grace to the moves, and picking insoles meant for running shoes would be your best bet. Stay away from the squishy nature of gel insoles, because they do not provide that amount of comfort and style you would need when being on the floor!

Dance Shoes

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The Latin Ballroom Dance Shoe

  • Open-toed sandals mostly
  • From one inch to three inches in height


  • Heel height would be two and a half inches in standardised form
  • Arch supports to keep the heels happy
  • Latin sandals are the best
famous Ballroom shoes

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The Standard Ballroom Dance Shoe

  • Classic closed-toed pumps mostly
  • Heels are found just below the foot
  • Helps with backward dance movements the most

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Teal & Stones

Love your chunky bling touch? The number from Teal & Stones for your feet would make heads turn. J’adore ce vert émeraude and you cannot but heart these puppies!

womens ballroom dance shoe

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Rhinestone Touches In Silver

One day you’d be burning the dance floor, and those moves need a touch of all things silver and chunky for the night!

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Ballroom shoes for womens

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Crystallized Latin Ballroom Dance Shoes

The crystallized Latin ballroom dance shoes, so pure and chic, who wouldn’t want to wear them not only for the ballroom saga but for any dance event one has been invited to!

top Ballroom shoes

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A Touch Of Royalty On The Floor

Imagine wearing these babies, a touch of all things Swarovski on the floor when flaunting those moves? Swarovski dance shoes we heart!

best Ballroom shoes

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Loved them all, dint you?

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