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15 Chunky Anklet Patterns To Flaunt At The Mehendi, Sangeet And The Big Fat Desi Wedding

by Fashionlady
different types of anklets

Anklet Patterns

The big fat Indian wedding is a saga of fashion, colours running amok, chic hairstyles, nip of all things alcoholic, plenty of gatherings, families meeting and greeting, band-baja and of course the fun times with Mehendi and Sangeet functions to attend. You would for sure be dolling up the best, and when that is the case, why wouldn’t you want to spend a few minutes not ignoring your ankles. Of course those chunky or neutral shoes are a bomb to flaunt, but wait, why is the ankle itself so bare?

Here are 15 very sensual, chunky and different types of anklets to flaunt at the gatherings

Take your pick!

For A Simple Touch

Designer anklets design with beads and flowers in silver or oxidized tones for the ankles to doll up in, why not? Helps accentuate the mehendi designs with aplomb and grace!

ankle bracelets

Source: amazon.in

Anklets In Pure Gold

Love them shining and in precious yellow, so do we! Pure gold anklets are best wears for the Sangeets and weddings only; you don’t want the mehendi ruining them all!

Best Anklet Patterns

Source: luulla.com

Jet Black Swarovski Crystal Dangles

Says who you cannot wear any black at your wedding, when the shade itself wards off an evil eye! The sensual Jet Black Swarovski Crystal Dangles for the ankles is the best bet we could find!

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designer anklets design

Source: pinterest.com

The Gold Butterfly Anklet

Butterflies in the stomach and too much anxiety on D-Day, spruce it up a little and pamper your beautiful self with the gorgeous Gold Butterfly Anklet.

bridal anklets

Source: le-meilleur-de-la-mode.com

Bohemian Bride

For the bohemian at heart and the wild-child within, the Anklet Toe Ring is a perfect match to the bridal trousseau to be worn!

Best bridal anklets

Source: in.pinterest.com/lruaeaerlacken/

Embella Silver Boho

Bohemian rhapsodies sung all year round, and this is an anklet piece not just for the weddings or the Sangeets, but can be worn for parties and events you would be attending after the marriage too!

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Chunky Anklet Patterns

Source: rus-baby.tumblr.com

For The Honeymoon

When cruising with him by the beach or on a luxury liner, flaunting your beachwear with the right shoes is a must, and a cute little anklet that speaks volumes about your unending love too!

Best Anklets

Source: pinterest.com

After The Mehendi

Bestowed in beautiful touches of the precious yellow metal and crystal stones for the feet and the ankle to shine and flutter in, a flattering touch or an amalgamated wedding ankle bracelets are what you need after the mehendi dries up on the feet!

anklet jewellery designs

Source: pinterest.com

A Boho Wedding Inspiration

Beads and like them big, the Boho Wedding Inspiration shows you a chic anklet design that would rock at the fun moments of a sangeet, under the ghagras and lehengas you wear!

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Best anklets designs

Source: secretdreamlife.tumblr.com

Strung and hung

Just as how you would like it to be, your anklet in chic fine gold textures sitting pretty on the feet, makes a fashion statement galore!

Anklets Design

Source: in.pinterest.com/natje9999/

Champagne French lace anklets

The Champagne French lace anklets are a beauty to behold and wear, and perfect for the Indian Christian bride who wouldn’t want to flaunt traditional mehendi designs!

wedding ankle bracelets

Source: pinterest.com

Faux Pearls For The Feet

Too costly to buy those pearly anklets, try the faux ones for the ankles and doll up like a diva, no one would know the difference!

Best anklet jewellery designs

Source: pinterest.com

Silver And Pearls

Faux pearls and silver touches, and your feet and ankles would look ravishing at the mehendi session or the sangeet with this particular bridal anklets design

types of anklets

Source: etsy.com

Rhinestone Anklets

Rhinestone anklets for the Indian Christian bride who wants jewelry matching her white gown, and in precious stones that too, a hot trend at weddings these days!

bridal anklets designs

Source: pinterest.com

Here are more anklet jewelry designs:

Latest Anklet Designs

Source: in.pinterest.com/ethicalbride/

Anklet models

Source: tidebuy.com

Anklet jewelry designs

Source: theweddingpin.com

Anklet jewelry 2018

Source: tidebuy.com

Anklet Designs

Source: api.shopstyle.com

Loved the anklet patterns and anklet jewelry designs? We were spellbound when bringing these beauties to you as well.

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