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Easy Twisted Hairstyles Anyone Can Try

by Fashionlady
Easy Twisted Hairstyles

Twisted Hairstyles
There are many elaborate hairstyles out there that require a lot of skill and patience to do. But alas, not all of us have the time or the patience to actually try them out. But that doesn’t mean you can’t sport some cool hairstyles. Here are our list of some easy twisted hairstyles that pretty much anyone can do. On days when you don’t have time to do your hair, these twisted hairstyles will come to your rescue.

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Half-Up Twist

Tease the hair on the top front section of your head and set it in a poof using bobby pins. Once that is done, take a one inch section of hair from the top of your left ear. Twist the hair, bring it back and pin it right under the poof. Repeat the same on the right side as well. You will end up with a very cool, retro style look. You can make this hairstyle as messy or as neat as you want.

half up twist hairstyles

Source: realsimple.com

Twisted Braid

Have difficulty braiding your hair? Why not try the twisted braid instead? The twisted braid is technically not a braid. What you do is you gather all your hair to one side, split it in two sections and start to twist the sections around each other. Once you reach the end, secure it with a band and you have your twisted braid. The only thing to remember is to make sure that you don’t twist them too tight, or they’ll end up looking weird. Use a hair spray to set them. The twisted braid works best on medium to long hair that is not too damaged or broken.

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twist braid hairstyles

Source: buzznet.com

Random Twisted Bun

This is one of the simplest up-dos out there. All you have to do is to part your hair in the centre and then start with one inch sections on either side of the parting. Take a one inch section, twist it all the way through till the end, and secure with a bobby pin. Keep doing this taking one inch sections, twisting them and securing them with pins till all your hair is secured. There is no particular pattern that we are aiming for. Just try to alternately take sections from the left side and the right side to keep it even. This hairstyle works particularly well on unwashed day-old dirty hair. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it looks great on straight, wavy as well as curly hair.


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Twisted Bun hairstyles

Source: blogspot.com

The Twisted French Braid Bun

Ever tried the French braid and got fed up with it? Well then you’re going to love this hairstyle. To do this hairstyle, you start by securing the top front section of your hair with a bobby pin. Once this is done, you take a one inch section of hair from your left and right side, bring it together and twist it to create a small bun. Secure the bun and repeat the process, creating a line of buns that are secured firmly with bobby pins. The end result is a French-braid like look, but with all your hair put up in buns.

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french braid bun hairstyles

Source: beautyisintheair.com

Twisted hairstyles are so easy to replicate since they do not involve as many complex combinations as braided hairstyles do. Twisted hairstyles are perfect for those who do not have the luxury of spending too much time on their hair. It is also perfect when you want something that looks fancy but is not very complicated to do. Give these twisted hairstyles a try and you’ll be showered with compliments wherever you go.

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