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This Diwali Flaunt Any Of These Pretty Curly Hairstyles For Women

by Fashionlady
Curly Hairstyles For Women

Curly Hairstyles For Women

Take a look around and you would notice almost every PYT and woman on the block sporting the sleek-straight hairdo. How boring? Isn’t it! Now when you can play with a little style and bring on a chic royal look wearing those pretty anarkalis and lehengas at the Diwali 2015 parties, why then should the hair be the same?

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Here are a few luxe curly hairstyles for women to choose from- make your Diwali a special one choosing a special curly lock hairdo!

The Old-Glam Look

Ringlets and the old-glam world look teamed with ethnic wear and Diwali makeup, why not? Long haired damsels can get this look done with soft curling tongs at home, while the ones with shorter hair can opt for ringlet extensions, easily available in the market- clip on and flaunt!

Easy hairstyles for curly hair

A Simple Curled Ponytail

No time for the elaborate hairdos to flaunt, think on the lines of the plan Jane and go wavy-curly for the pony tail!

Festival hairstyles for curly hair

The Middle Portion Waves

Soft curls and bangs for the hair, and a middle partitioning for the crown. Make this a fashion statement wearing it with saris or ghagras at the Diwali party.

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Middle portion waves

Faux Bob Curls

Long hair and want it sported short? Let the curls do the talking with a faux bob touch! Flaunt the sexy backless choli with one of these festival hairstyles for curly hair.

Simple hairstyles for curly hair

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Embellish And Play

Grab a couple of chic accessories and get your hair done in a high-updo ponytail. To complete the look, embellish the crown and the length of the pony curls with soft chic accessories.

Simple Indian hairstyles for curly hair

Short And Soft Curled

The easy hairstyles for curly hair isn’t for women with neck-length to very long hair alone, should you have a bob cut or pixie hair, you can refer to our post on how to curl hair the natural way and flaunt the look with chic accessories too! Use your imagination and creativity, and the rest will fall in place.

Indian hairstyles for curly hair

The Lady Rabbit Look

Fancy the lady rabbit look, and have plenty of soft curls to play with? Grab mousse for the hair, blend it into the strands well and comb the hair to one side, allowing it to fall over the neck and ears!

Curly hairstyles for girls

A Messy Updo

Who has the time to run around and get their hair done, when there is so much at home to do? A messy updo then, with or without embellishments to the bun can be the safest bet to looking elegant at the gathering!

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Messy Updo Hairstyle

Messy Curly Bobs

We told you that you could play along with the straight-blunt bob cut you have, and with a little innovation add more volume to the hair!

Messy Curly Bobs


Messed And Luxe

So what if the hair is too short and very unmanageable, comb it backwards and wear a chunky headband made from rhinestones to shine at the occasion!

Curls with chunky headband

Glam-Sham Diva

Bring back the 1930s look with short curls and flirtatious ringlets on the fringe; bring back the diva this Diwali!

Hairstyles for curly hair

Easy To Do

The waterfall hair for curly hair is one of the simplest of all simple hairstyles for curly hair to doll up in this Diwali!

Hairstyles for curly hair women

Pixie Curls

Your blow dryer would be your bestie today, when you use a little mousse and dry air to get those pixie curls!

Curly hairstyle for festival

Much more than just simple Indian hairstyles for curly hair, we have shown you gorgeous ways to doll up your curly tresses in, making you an International hottie! Have fun girls and do your thing!

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