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Eyebrow Filling Tips Your Beautician Never Revealed, But We Tell You

by Fashionlady
Eyebrow Filling Tips

Eyebrow Filling Tips

Don’t ignore those bushy eyebrows, because they do create a personality type for you that the world watches with baited breath. Eyebrows are an integral part of the facial feature that changes the whole look, and if you don’t want to believe us, check out the before and after looks of Bollywood celebrities, and the same would be shown!

Karisma Kapoor now and then

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Eyebrow Maintenance

Before we tell you more about how to fill in eyebrows, let’s understand the importance of eyebrow maintenance, shall we! To keep your brows looking au naturale and superb, you do not have to go over –the- top in dolling them up. A minimal touch is all that you would need while doing your daily makeup, and a strong statement would be made. Thin or thick, you would love maintaining them with glee; a little castor oil rubbed onto the brows and kept for ten minutes, twice a week is good nourishment to the hair follicles above your eyes.

How to fill in my eyebrows

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Eyebrow Filling Hacks

Your beautician wouldn’t ever let you know these chic eyebrow filling tips and hacks, or else you’d stop giving them business. But here we are with our fashionable big mouths to let you in on the scoop, so read on beautiful PYTs and doll up at home! Alternatively, there are filling in eyebrows tutorials online, which you can learn from as well.

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1. Get a reputed company’s brow pencil to start with, and that would answer your question on what to use to fill in eyebrows. The role of an eyebrow pencil of repute is to help shape and build in the fill-in for the scanty areas of the brow. A waxy formula to use is great, and it should have some pigment in it as well. You could even opt for a brow gel or a tinted brow liner too.

Filling in eyebrows tutorial

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2. Relax and breathe, smile a little and let’s begin the eyebrow fill in tutorial. Never make ‘makeup faces’ while dolling up, or else the colours would run amok and the desired look wouldn’t come through. The expression you maintain when dolling up the face or the eyebrows especially, should be that of a neutral one.

What to use to fill in eyebrows

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3. Take the eyebrow pencil and sit by natural light, if you are doing this during the day. A pencil test should be done to know where the beginnings of the eyebrows are, the arch and the ends of the eyebrows too. Do this by placing the pencil on the nose bridge and allow it to rest near the nostril tip. The gap that you see between the tip and the arch of the nose and the eyebrow is what needs to be filled

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Eyebrow fill in tutorial

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4. At an angle, start from the base of the nose to the eye’s outer corner, which would be the tail of the brow.

How to fill in your eyebrows

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5. Now place the pencil on the outer part of the nose edge and angle it on the outer edge of the pupil

7. Follow the hair growth with gentle pencil strokes and fill the eyebrows. This answers the question how to fill in your eyebrows.

Eyebrow filling tips for women

Source: hudabeauty.com

8. Use a blending brush to start from the middle to the left, left to the middle and middle to the right and back to the middle for a seamless blend.

How to fill eyebrows

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9. To add more dimensions to the look of the brow, use a blonde pencil with one stroke on the brow.

Filling in eyebrows

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10. Start from the middle to the left, come back to the middle and go to the right, and head back to stop at the middle again. Use a blending brush for a feathery dark touch, only if you do not have forehead wrinkles or else the boho-chic look wouldn’t come through!

Filling Eyebrow Tips

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So PYTs, here were the ten hacks your beautician would never tell you on filling in eyebrows step by step, but we did! Have fun and believe us it doesn’t take more than five minutes dolling up the sisters up there!

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