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Famous Bengali Sarees From West Bengal You Must Wear at Upcoming Weddings

by Fashionlady
Famous Bengali Sarees

Attractive Bengali Saree

In most cases, when we sit to talk about sarees, one would imagine the luxe benarasi types or the chic south Indian kanjeevarams. Bengal cotton and silk saree are very rarely spoken off. However, when one does bring up the topic on bengali sarees, most would talk only about the baluchari saree- but there are more than what meets the eyes.

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Bengali Style Sarees Are Opulent Beauties

Talking about bengali style sarees, tant and baluchari are very famous amongst Bengali women and most popular for every occasion and event to wear. However, if you take into account the climes of the state, and keeping in mind the new-age fast paced lives we lead, women wear light silk to cotton bengali sarees at work.

Bengali style saree

All thanks to the Mughals, tant saris gained popularity much more during their reign that anyone else’s. And when we look into the history of baluchari saris, we get to know its origin lies in a tiny village in Bengal – Baluchari, hence the name.

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Inspired By The Heritage And Culture Of India

Just like its counterparts, tant and baluchari have sought inspiration from the rich heritage and cultural aspects of our nation. They definitely are symbols of the state when it comes to chic wear and fashion, and across the world too.

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Types of bengali sarees

The bengali saree designs for baluchari are sought from scenes of mythological importance; check the weave of the pallu for that. But apart from tant and baluchari, there are other sarees too which have equal importance in daily wear or for special occasions. Here are seven of them discussed.

Bengali saree design

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1. The Korial

Every self-respecting Bengali woman would have at least one Korial lal paar sari in her wardrobe; the quintessential white sari with a red border. Much on the same lines of its cousin, the Garad sari, but with a deeper hue of red and solid colour in it! You would find married mostly wearing the Korial, during Durga Puja or offering the Goddess the same.

Korial lal paar sari

2. Tussar Silks

It is in the humble town of Malda where Tussar silk is produced in Bengal. The silk is very textured and cultured from the hives of mulberry, and is used to manufacture a varied range of silk saris in the state. Baluchari for example is made from tussar silk, and very rarely from pure silk as we know of it. The Butti and Patta designs with tussar silk are a rage amongst PYTs.

Bengali tussar silk

4. Murshidabad Silk Saris

Yes, silks of Bengal are famous too and not everyone is aware of the same. Some of the most luxurious silk saris are made in Bengal, and one of them would be the Murshidabad silk, which has a mentioning in the historical scrolls of the 18th century – it is said the erstwhile East India company help set up two factories to produce Murshidabad silk.

Murshidabad silk saree

5. Daccai Jamdani

Before the partition, Daccai Jamdani was a part of the great Bengal saree clan, but now it is solely known as Bangladeshi. Weaved from very fine Egyptian cotton and woven by hand, the touch and feel of Daccai Jamdani is supple and soft! Very famous and popular, the Daccai Jamdani is a must-have for high profiled events, parties, weddings and more in Bengal.

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Daccai jamdani saree


6. Baluchari

Once again, heading back to Murshidabad and near the Bhagirathi River this time, we come to a village named Baluchari- home to the famous Baluchari sarees. Independent patterns are created with every weave, and the sari is about five yards in length. Floral designs run amok the body of the saree, while the pallu is resplendent with scenes from mythological texts and buttis!

Baluchari saree

7. Taant

Crisp and soft, and made from cotton too, the taant white and red bordered sari is a traditional piece every Bengali lady would have in her wardrobe. Monotonous as it seems, but while the Durga Puja festivities are on, you would notice women dressed in taant, if not baluchari, since it depicts the colours of the Goddess!

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Taant saree

We hope you found this post on the seven types of bengali sarees interesting.

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