Golden Lipstick Rules To Follow: Those Golden Lips So Haute N Luxe


Golden Lipstick Rules

Ever wondered how women of all age groups and across the globe rock the golden lipstick? How do they do it? Who wears golden lipstick to college, to work or to a party? Unless of course, they are the burlesque clan that wants to flaunt the many shades of bling and shine – STOP RIGHT THERE!

You do not have to wear a full-toned golden touch always, and with golden lipstick, the choicest of styles and playing around can be done. If you want to be a little adventurous and daring, here is a mini-guide on how to rock the midas touch on your lips. Read on and be well-informed!

How to apply gold lipstick

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Your Guide To Rocking Golden Lipstick And Lip Stains

The eyes see it all, and we are talking about the golden lipstick shades you plan to flaunt at the party or maybe with a touch of adventure for a daily look. With that being said, you shouldn’t have contrasting touches to the eyes and the lips, the two should compliment one another. There are many more unspoken rules to follow, but should you go chunky with golden lipstick, keep the eye makeup minimal and neutral- lest you want to be a Christmas tree!

Latest trend lipstick

Foundation Talks

The right foundation used would help you doll up those lips well too! Never knew this right? But foundation closest to your skin tone would help bring about a look, divaish and sassy! You need to choose foundation tones that are closest to your skin’s natural hue, and one that would complement the look with the latest trend lipstick companies offer!

Gold lipstick

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Decide On Your Look

The foundation bit is taken care of, but when wearing metallic lipsticks in gold tones, learn how to apply gold lipstick well, or else the look you desire to have wouldn’t come through. Once again, while the lips would be popped up and shiny, your eyes should be neutral and with brows arched and strong. If you want to bring about a touch of cat-eyes for the eyeliner, go ahead but just one stroke is enough.

Golden lipstick shades


Enhance Your Signature Look

We all have a signature look, sometimes with accessories and the other times with clothes and makeup, good enough. Dabble and play or experiment on your own with sassy golden lip shades and lipsticks, and check which ensemble colours they suit best. NEVER EVER follow blindly what the glossy magazines say; what they do not tell you is the amount of lights, camera work and photoshop effects that go behind a certain look.

Gold lipstick mac

Start By Limiting Your Lips To One Shade Of Gold

Bold is gold or gold is bold, and don’t we already know that too well? Use matte to begin with, and then head on to the mega-glossy touches of metallic tones, using various brands one at a time (not the same day though). You could try using gold lipstick MAC has on offer, the best luster comes from them. Go creamy on the base and then apply the inners with a touch of translucent powder for the matte to satin finish effect.

Gold lipstick makeup

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Finally, when dolling up with shades of gold for the lips, it comes as a no-brainer that you would only wear the shade for joyous occasions or maybe for work as well (mix a shade of grey for the hot Friday look on the lips). Never wear too much blush, or the face would look too shiny and shimmery, which is why applying a coast of translucent powder to begin with, would be an apt thing to do!

Gold lipstick shades

Have fun ladies, the various golden lipstick shades out there are for you to try and experiment with!


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