Tips On Carrying Pink Lipstick Shades For Dusky Skin Divas


Pink Lipstick Shades for Dusky Skin

If you thought only the pale fair Indian maiden (blame it on the stereotypical Indian media) could carry hot pink lipstick shades and woo the world, think again. From Priyanka Chopra to Bipasha Basu, Mukta Godse to Lara Dutta and more, our Bollywood divas with dusky to dark skin tones have shown us PYTs with ebony touches, how to wear pink lipstick shades and walk the talk too! Here’s to the gorgeous skin tones across the palette and wearing pink is but a birthright for every hue and shade! Take that so-called-fashionistas who create the difference for no reason at all, when it comes to wearing pink lipstick shades.

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A Mini Guide To Pink Lipstick Shades For Indian Skin

Just as the shades of red would be, the shades of pink too speak of a sensual touch to those luscious lips; only when chosen right and applied well. Having said that, before you rush to pick up one of the hot pinks doing the trends this season, here’s a caution to pay heed too- ALL PINKS DON’T SUIT THE INDIAN DIVA WITH DUSKY SKIN! Take a look at pink lipstick shades for Indian skin.

pink lipstick shades for dusky skin

For the woman with not wheatish dark complexion, wearing pale pinks would make her face paler. Hence wearing pale roses, mauve pinks or beige and nude pinks would be okay

best pink lipstick shades

For the woman with fair to light wheatish tones, wearing peachy pinks to bluish red pinks or violetish pinks would be great, magenta too.

best pink lipstick shades in India

For the woman with medium olive dusky skin tones, wearing deep pinks to wine pinks, brown-pinkish tones to magenta and berry pinks are a great choice.


pink lipstick shades for dark skin

For the woman with dark olive skin complexion, wearing any of the pinks other than the pinkish red warm tones IS advised.

pink lipstick shades for olive skin

For the woman with very dark skin tones, wearing pinks with a purple base works well, and staying away from light pinks or nudes would be the best thing to do!

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pink lipstick shades

For very dark skin, we would recommend the use of soft pinks, which help flatter the skin tone. From bright pinks (not light) to Barbie pinks, you can opt for tones on these lines to paint your lips with.

Indian best pink lipstick shades

For example, you wouldn’t want to try wearing very light pinks on a very dark skin tone for a cocktail event, not unless you want people talking only about your lips. And we say this with no offense, because the darker the skin tone, the more the shine and sheen. This is why, we need to compliment the skin tone with the shade of pink lipsticks we choose to wear.

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pink lipstick shades for dark skin tone

We now hope you know how to carry those shades of pink on your lips, using our mini guide on pink shades to wear. Now go and search for the best pink lipstick shades in India, to pick, wear and flaunt!


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