Top 11 Tips On How To Dry Nail Polish Faster


Can you relate with the waiting period of drying off nails? Imagine you’ve finally set off time from your schedule to relax and paint your nails. But as beauty comes with a price, we have committed with sitting still for another 10-12 minutes to dry the nails. Not the perfect situation to picture, right?

How To Dry Nail Polish Faster

In an effort to cut off the waiting period of dried nails, we bring to your eleven amazing tips on how to dry nail paint faster. These tricks are the fastest methods to get your nails dry fast. Along with the tips, we have suggested few products as well to get the job done.

Tips On How To Dry Nail Polish Faster:

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending precious time getting our nails done only to have them get ruined the next minute you spring your hands into action. But there are a lot of other methods that can allow you dry your nail paint faster. To check out how to dry nails polish faster, (step by step process), keep reading.

1. Blow It:

Nail salons make use of fans to dry nails faster, but your hair dryer will work the same way. You can adjust it in the cool setting. Giving heat to nails directly keeps away wet paint from firming. Instead a shot of cool air is more helpful.

Dry Nail Polish With Blower

2. Freeze It:

Another cold method to harden polish is ice water baths. Before painting your nails, fill a bowl with ice cubes and cold water on top. When you’re done, dip your nails in the cold water for one minute. This is a perfect solution to solidify the nail paint thoroughly and not just on top.

3. Spray It:

Nail-drying spray is another effective solution. They are easily available at drugstores and sets nail polish in few minutes. Allow your nails to set for few minutes after spraying and rinse your hands well.

Dry Nail Polish With Spray

4. Thin It Out:

Instead of using just one or two coats of nail paint, apply thin coats. Allow each coat to dry off for few minutes before putting on the next coat. This method makes overall drying period faster.

5. Top It Off:

Make use of a quick dry topcoat as it can set your nail paint and keep it protected.

6. Dip It:

Now that you know how cold air hardens nail polish, apply the same method using water. Dip your wet nails into a bowl of water for two minutes for setting your polish. The two minute dip not only dries nails faster but gives out sheen, too.

Dry Nail Polish With Water

7. Upgrade Your Lacquers:

Switch your top coat for a dry version one. For extra protection, use quick drying drops formulation with resins to speed up drying. Apply one drop to each nail after setting your top coat for amazing results.


8. Use Baby Oil:

Baby oil, olive oil, and cooking spray can speed up nail drying time. Place the oil in a medicine dropper or decanter. A dropper would be easier for application. Apply a drop or two on each nails and wait for one minute or so. The baby oil can work wonderfully to dry your nail polish faster and soak in the paint. Wipe off excess oil using a paper towel.

Dry Nail Polish With Baby Oil

9. Thin Coats Of Polish:

Apply two thin base coat of polish before applying nail polish. This will allow your nails to dry off in between each application. This can lead to an even finish and fasten drying period.
You may start practicing on your thumbnails to see how much coat of polish is needed to spread the paint.

10. Drying Drops:

You can use drying drops on your nails purchased from any beauty store or online. Unlike the quick-drying top coat, drying drops make a great. The oil-based drops are great as they condition the cuticles and nails. Give your nail paint a few minutes to set after application of drying drops.

 Instant Dry Nail Polish

11. Use Cooking Spray:

Do you know that using cooking spray on your fingertips quickly dry your nail paint? This is a quick and easy option. For application, hold the bottle about 1 ft away from your fingertips and use the cooking spray over each nail. This may seem illogical but the oil present in cooking spray can help your nails to dry faster. Any cooking spray should work except for the butter flavored ones.


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