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How To Get The Brigitte Bardot Hairstyle This Season

by Fashionlady
Brigitte Bardot Hairstyle

Brigitte Bardot Hairstyle

There is always something magical and beautiful about the vintage days gone by; their fashion sense and chic looks especially. Agree or not, most of us PYTs would take time out to emulate the old-world glam sham sometime or the other, wouldn’t we? Maybe with the girls over coffee or alone at home on a lazy Sunday noon, but we surely would want to try a vintage look out. So here it is, the Brigitte Bardot hair tutorial for us all to know about and learn from.


Talking about Brigitte Bardot fashion style, and to complete the look since you have done her hair on yourself so well, here are your options!

Brigitte Bardot Style

1. A sleeveless top with polka dotted pants, and to complete the look she wore the french braid bouffant hairdo!

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How To Get Brigitte Bardot Hair

2. A short skirt with a cropped top jacket and a large hat. She left her hair running loose and amok, and that’s what made her iconic

Brigitte Bardot Inspired Hairstyles

3. A high ponytail with a large ribbon for cover, a white shirt with a polka dotted half tie and worn with skirts or pants, you can emulate the divas look too!

Brigitte Bardot Hair Tutorial

4. Mustard and reds on rompers, bare feet and hair running loose once again. Brigitte showed PYTs how to make a statement at the beach and pool parties back then.

Brigitte Bardot Fashion Style

5. Bring back those check skirts and the black collared tops for girls, and bring them back for the casual college look too!

Brigitte Bardot Hair Style

6. Striped tops with a blue cropped coat and pants for the bottoms, she wore her hair secured with a large forehead hair band!

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Brigitte bardot with blue cropped coat

Round necked pink top


9. Need inspiration on how to wear your trench coat this winter? Take a look at what our diva, Brigitte Bardot shows us!

Brigitte Bardot in trench coat

10. A low V Neck black tee and a chunky neckpiece with harem pants in black, brings out the feisty girl in BB!

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Brigitte Bardot

Let’s Delve Into The Famous Brigitte Bardot Hairstyle

To get the easy weasy Brigitte Bardot hairstyle done, what you would need are the following items kept ready.

  • Grab hold of a curling iron which has a clamp, and it should be of medium size
  • A teasing comb for the soft touches
  • A soft bristle brush
  • A couple of nice hairpins and a hair ribbon
  • An elastic band in black or closest to your hair colour, and
  • Hairspray, like plenty of it!

Furthermore To The Brigitte Bardot Hairstyle, We Ask You To –

  • First blow dry your hair if its wet, and sit in a comfy place
  • Place a full-length mirror in front of you, so you could see the progress on your attempt at the Brigitte Bardot style

Instructions to follow

Here are easy instructions to follow on how to get Brigitte Bardot hair.

1. The hair, all around your head and in very small sections should be curled, backward motions should be used with the curling iron.

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2. When the curls are ready, use the soft bristle brush to brush them out, which brings about bouncy waves and body to the hair.

3. The next step would be to make one half ponytail on the crown of the head, and secure the sides of the hair with pins. Spread the ponytail on either sides of the head, and add more pins to secure the look.
Place an elastic band around the pony tail to hold tight and then the large ribbon.

4. The remaining hair should be sprayed with hairspray and brushed backwards, so that more fluff and bounce is created.

5. Do the same for the ponytail as well, for more bounce, sans the flatness!

6. You now have one of the many Brigitte Bardot inspired hairstyles to flaunt for the parties!

Brigitte Bardot Hair Tutorial

Known as a ‘sex kitten’ back then, Brigitte Bardot had the confidence and guts to carry off anything she chose to lay her hands on! Impressed already, try them out then!

Image source: pinterest.com

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