7 Instagramy Hair Color Ideas For Long Hair


hair color ideas for long hair

With radical new universe of hair color ideas for long hair you will be willing to jump the bandwagon of tinted hair-dyes. Celebs are gravitating towards bronzes, coppers, reds, chocolates, violets and that’s just the beginning! With such a large number of colors to browse from, we loved these loved hair coloring thoughts at this moment.

Hair Color style for long hair
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7 Trending Hair Colour Ideas for Women with Long Hair

You can go delicate, unpretentious and regular — or strong, lively and each shade of the rainbow! Keep in mind to dependable counsel your beautician on what they think will look awesome on you as well. Here are hair colour ideas for women you can opt for this season.

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Warm Sunset

Delicate bronze lowlights matched with light brilliant highlights gives a smooth and supple shine to light up your day. With these hair color ideas for long hair, that are gentle they are anything but difficult to keep up as well!

Hair Color Styles for long hair

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Lighter skin conditions that look awesome in pinks, greens and lilacs look marvelous in this delicate color. Hair that is a lighter chestnut to medium blonde gives an incredible base to include these brilliant highlights and lowlights too, while hair that is medium to better surface and straight will effectively accomplish this style.

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At the point when picking color mixes, ensure they are in the same family to make this delicate look. Gold, beige, bronze and copper all supplement one another pleasantly.

Hot Chocolate

Warm rich chocolate combined with bouncy curls is an awesome style for a night out or a day at the workplace.

hair color shades for indian skin
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Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Medium to light skin tones looks extraordinary in this chocolate tint while hair that is medium to thick and wavy will hold these bouncy curls.

In the event that your normal color is near this, however is deficient with regards to that brilliant shine, approach your beautician for a demi-permanent color that will give you a rich gleam with no harm!

Purple Haze

Dull cocoa to dark hair with an overlay of lively violet is attractive and right on the pattern!

Hair Colour Ideas
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Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Medium to dull skin conditions that look awesome in violet, red and plum wear this tint pleasantly. These hair color shades for Indian skin complement it best with long thick hair that is straight or styled in curls, will achieve this style best.

Wild Copper

Splendid and striking yellow and orange highlights combined with a rich copper base are brave and fun. This color is certain to knock some people’s socks off and draw consideration your way!

womens Hair Colour Ideas
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Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Light to medium skin conditions that look awesome in oranges, yellows and greens grasp this color astoundingly! Hair that is medium to thick in composition and wavy will serve this style best.


Love this style of highlights, however perhaps this color mix is not for you? Approach your beautician for other hair coloring thoughts.


Brilliant blonde highlights combined with pieces beige lowlights breathe life into blonde hair! Having both high and lowlights conveys a textured and isolated look to hair that looks astonishing straight, wavy or twisted.

Blondie hair color Ideas
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Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Reasonable to light cleaned delights look astounding in this multi-tonal blonde while hair that is medium in thickness and curly to wavy can grasp this style.

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Make a point to deal with your blonde tresses. Month to month molding medicines and sans sulfate shampoos are an absolute necessity!

Amber Highlights

Warm brilliant highlights concentrated through the closures of a rich mocha chestnut conveys high to speak to each brunette goddess! This color combo is anything but difficult to keep up, simple to change and simple to share and inspire!

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ambre hair color ideas
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Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Medium to dull compositions looks awesome in this rich mocha while hair that is actually curly and thick makes an impeccable base for this curly look!


At the point when helping your finishes, you need to try to take additional exceptional consideration of them. Doing a week after week molding treatment, (for example, Pravana’s NEVO 60 sec profound treat) will keep them nourished particularly with standard trims!

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Urban Ombre

Brilliant red blurred into violet will turn head all around you go! This shade is not for the weak of heart. Be prepared with new make-up and a couple of new tops to shake this color.

long hair color ideas
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Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:

Light to medium skin conditions that look awesome in violets, pinks and plums will be complimented by this shade. Straight, medium to fine hair requires scarcely any work to accomplish this straight style.


Keeping a brilliant tone splendid takes the right items. On your rundown should be an incredible dry shampoo, a without sulfate shampoo, and a molding leave-in treatment.

Add contrasting highlights to hair color styles for long hair for a dramatic look. With these intense hair color ideas for long hair that are best suited for various skin tones and hair type you have got a fair idea on what is trending. Dye your hair to doll up and instantly add style statement to your persona.


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