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Lace up Sandals: Fashion Decoded

by Fashionlady
Lace up Sandals

Lace up Sandals

The fashion runway is always upbeat with the new and the gorgeous. One such top fashion trend making its presence in the Fall of 2015 is trendy footwear.

Of the lot that’s catching attention and limelight amongst models, celebs and street-style owners is lace up sandals, heels and flats. This is one sultry fashion trend that helps you make a playful statement every time you walk. It’s a strappy style that is feminine and has the right attitude to be worn for shopping trips or red carpet. Rope closures make the shoes fit you Goldilocks-style. And you don’t have to break the bank to wear the Fall’s best shoe showpieces.

How to Tie Lace up Sandals

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Lace up caged heels can be worn to work as comfortably as evenings or nights. When you go for flats, the laces give you a girly, ballet-inspired look. In fact, lace-up footwear can match with just about any style vibe of yours. We’ve rounded up some top adorable options you will love to lace up with!

Lace up caged heels

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Style Patterns of Lace Up Sandals

There are various options to sport lace-up sandal. Let us go picking a lace-up that’s meant for your feet.

1. Gladiator Style

This is an attractive lace-up which gives you a choice of multiple heights. It is available as flat sole or heel.

However, you will have to be choosy in matching gladiator style with your outfits. The absence of padding in the sole can be a little discomforting. But gladiator is meant for girls who want to flaunt their style in a bohemian and individualistic style.

Gladiator Style lace up sandals

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2. Wedge Pattern

Wedge heels are the next best in terms of adding height to your persona. Available in multiple colours, wedges look superb with pants, skirts and dresses. Depending on your comfort factor, the wedge heel can get a bit uncomfortable when worn for a long period of time.

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Style Patterns of Lace-ups

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3. Stiletto

This is again a high heel that makes you tall and adds height. Work or night out, a stiletto is perfect for both. Wear it by all means to the socially appropriate occasions but not to the beach as you might trip in the sand.

Lace up high heel

4. Flats

This one is the safest bet when it comes to wearing a lace-up sandal. Work, beach or evening, a flat is a cool, comfortable, casual and trendy style in footwear. But it isn’t that formal as you think. Wear flat lace-ups if you want to walk around with ease without carrying a sense of discomfort.

Sandals That Tie Up Your Leg

How to tie lace up sandals

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Or for that matter, try out the Ancient Greek Sandals handmade in Greece that almost laces up to the knee. Heal measures 10mm and is comfortable for all-day wear.

Lace up Sandals Fashion

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Lace-Up heels, in short, can enhance any glam outfit or make a boring outfit look glam. Tie it up around the ankle or the calf. Lace-ups are on their way to being massive must-have footwear for the fashion girls.

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