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Prints and Fabrics Trending in 2015

by Fashionlady
Prints and fabrics trending in 2015

Prints and fabrics trending in 2015

It is remarkable to note how there is a tale behind every fashion evolution. While popular classic forms have evolved and stayed on for years together, certain fad styles emerge only to last for a short period of time. Clothing and accessories have progressed with time. The trend this year 2015 will see a lot of velvet, suede, denim and sheer.

Let me give you a clear cut picture of the print patterns and fabrics of 2015.

1. Neo Classical Prints

Neo classical inspired prints are all about silhouette repeats with bold prints and loose fitting clothes. These prints will be seen in heavily bottomed skirts, hoopskirts and bustles, to name a few. This particular fad was relatively different when compared to the other styles that existed between the 18th and 19th centuries.

Neo Classical Prints

Source: patternbank.com

2. Botanical prints

The Botanical print will be executed highly, this spring. This print is toxic with strings of feminism. It has an exotic vibe and looks fresh. These exquisite floral prints are quite wearable for both day and night wear.

Botanical prints

Source: patternbank.com

3. Stripe prints

This season, stripe prints have received a new face. It has a hint of tribal aesthetics. This is a trend that will go a step ahead. As stripes are versatile, this season will showcase different design patterns, colors and shades. Abstract striped patterns and optical striped patterns are the key highlight of this season. These bold patterns oozes feminine charm.

Stripe prints

Source: patternbank.com

More forthcoming print patterns of 2015

This season, bold prints have made a come back but with a slight twist. From abstract prints to ethnic patters to floral and geometric prints; here’s a list of prints that are trending this season.

More forthcoming print patterns of 2015

Source: patternbank.com

Additions: Pop culture prints and animal prints are fast emerging on the fashion stage. This experimental pattern represents fresh, youthful vibrancy. This is creative silhouettes at its best.


Pop culture prints and animal prints

Source: patternbank.com

Fabrics trending 2015

These are some of the fabrics that will surely be the cynosure of all eyes and which people would not think twice to wear.

1. Denim

Denim is on a high rise this season as this pure luxy fabric is creating quite a stir. This season denim will be showcased in a mixed cluster of interpretations. From embellished jeans, to washed out style, or modified into feminine silhouettes; these will be the highlights for denim this season.


Source: forbes.com

3. Suede

The fabric that you must watch out for this season is suede.From dresses to chic coats and jumpers, suede is all over the place this year.


Source: fashionisingpictures.net

Every season there is a brimful of mindless fashion inspiration setting out in bigger celebration and style. This season like all seasons is inspired with the past thematic tales and boast of a newer awakening modern touch to the old motifs. The year 2015 will see a plenty of fresher and newer prints and fabrics. Do wear what you love the most. Hope this post kept you engrossed and inspired. Watch this space for more.

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