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Style Tips For Tall Girls – The Hollywood Style

by Fashionlady
Style Tips For Tall Girls

Style Tips For Tall Girls

Height is something that we all strive for. I know it all the more because I am a li’l vertically challenged. But there are many like you who have inherited a great height. When it comes to fashion there is a lot in store for you. You can mix-n-match from a variety of stuffs out there, and can hardly make a fashion blunder, unless you totally got it wrong. After my deliberate study of our Hollywood celebs, here are a few points I have jotted down for you.

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1. Lay Your Hands On Anything And Everything

Girl, are you lucky or what! Yes, you are, because there is absolutely nothing that you shouldn’t try on. Everything that you see in the style magazines, everything that is in fashion, you can try them all. Hardly anything can go wrong on you. You may look elegant in solids and equally pretty in prints. What’s more, you can even sport those horizontal stripes, which are a no-no for most of the body types as long as you own those long legs.

Style Tips For Tall Girls

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2. Find a Good Tailor

Now because you are taller than the average population in this world there are a few challenges that you might face. One of these would be finding a maxi dress or pants that cover your legs completely. Most of them would end up at you ankles or perhaps even above them. Here is when your tailor comes to your rescue. Find a good tailor who is well versed with all the new styles and cuts in the fashion bazaar. Collect raw fabric for maxi dresses and trousers from the cloth store and get them stitched for you in the tailor shop.

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Tall girl clothing

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3. Less Is More For You

Most girls can kill for longer legs, but you have them already. Show off those never-ending legs in shorts and miniskirts. You may try various types of skirts like skater, A-line, flared, or straight fit. The trick here is to play it up but not look skanky. Don’t show a lot of skin all together. May be you can keep your blouse a li’l conservative if your skirt in too short.

Styling tips for tall ladies

Source: biography.com

4. Pet Your Giant Accessories

Don’t be afraid to carry an oversized handbag, they are made for you. You can also sport huge loop earrings, broad arm bands, or thick belts with your denims or dresses unlike your shorter bestie. The best match-ups for you would be wearing a wider belt with a shift dress to office or even for an evening affair, a giant bag with vests, denims with leather boots, and a thick studded wrist-band to go with your denims shorts and tanks.

Dresses for tall girls

Source: dailymail.co.uk


5. Highlight Your Neckline

You have the freedom to play as much as you want to with your neckline. You can go for turtleneck tops and accessorize it with multiple neckpieces to dangle at your bust. Wide collars will also sit on you perfectly.

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Wear your hair back into a neat ponytail to show off the accentuated neckline more. Chandelier earring would add on to this look, but if you are wearing heavy earrings, then avoid wearing multiple neckpieces else you would end up looking busier at the bust.

Style Tips for Tall Girls

Source: tomandlorenzo.com

6. Play With Prints

Solids look good on everyone. But, prints look good only on a few. You can try out from a vast range of prints that would include asymmetric prints, floral prints, polka dots, animal prints and what is very ‘in’ these days is the butterfly print.

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Heels for tall girls

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8. Time To Cover Up

And you can look equally gorgeous when you are playing no-skin-show. For such times you look best in a full jumpsuit. You may even try a pair of well-fitted trousers with a classy jacket. Checked shirts are an option you might want to try with your trouser. Don’t want to keep it too formal? Then just wear a girly frilly top with your trouser, and you are done! Wear your hair into a twisted bun or just let them down as per the mood of the ambience.

Dresses for tall women

Source: biography.com

There is a list of celebs in Hollywood who are blessed with an envious height. Of course the height factors makes their stylists’ job a tad easier. As there is absolutely nothing that doesn’t work on people with good height. So if you got it, you know this is an asset that you won’t ever lose. Embrace your height.

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