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Unveiling Meaningful Lotus Tattoos That Would Take Your Breath Away!

by Fashionlady
Lotus Tattoo

Lotus Tattoos

Since spring as the season is knocking and we are bidding away the winter blues, let’s pop up the floral touches, not only on our clothing and accessories, but with tattoos too. Here are twenty gorgeous lotus tattoo designs that would surely take your breath away. Hold your reigns and watch the best of lotus tattoos we bring to you.

Simple Lotus Tattoos Have Meanings

With simple lotus tattoos too, there are meanings attached to the beautiful creation. There are many factors religious and spiritually based on the flower – open, partially open or closed. Even the color chosen for the lotus tattoo would have an unique meaning and connotation. And as we go ahead and show you more tattoos, we will tell you more about the meanings.

Simple Lotus Tattoos

Religious Factors When Choosing Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs

In Indian mythology, the flower lotus has been spoken of and revered very high, and is known as the Padma. This glower has a special touch for the followers of Hinduism in the nation and mostly associated with deities too – Brahma and Vishnu alike. Simple lotus tattoos as shown below represent the purity and divinity of an individual’s state of mind – you could also say it is a depiction of spiritual awakening. Here are a couple of gorgeous simple lotus tattoos you could ink up with.

Religious Factors When Choosing Lotus Flower Tattoo

When we speak of lotus tattoos, we also should remember the teachings of Buddhism. Just like Hinduism, Buddhism too has a strong connection with the flower, and it is much more complex in nature than what Hinduism talks about. Lotus is revered to have many layers when combined as one, creates a complexity of imagery, spiritual depth and more. In Buddhism, lotus as a flower denotes the body, the mind and the spirit or the soul, and the purity of all three as well.

lotus tattoos On leg


There are many colors to choose from when planning to ink the lotus tattoo, and colors for lotus flower tattoo meanings are different from one another. Let’s take a look and understand which color stands for what.

lotus flower tattoo

1. If you choose white, you would be symbolising enlightenment of the spiritual and the mental path. It also talks about perfection and pacification of the soul, the purity thereby. In Buddhism, white lotuses are foal oriented subjects – spiritually speaking.

lotus tattoo on feet

2. Blue lotus tattoos would tell the world that you are aware of your own physical senses and compulsions, and are very controlling of the same. The blue lotus helps with mind over matter, and heightens the individuals sense of spiritualism too. However, most blue lotus tattoos wouldn’t have the mid section open and bare; meaning, life is a process of continuous learning.

Blue lotus tattoos

3. We have noticed many wearing a shade of purple with lotus flower tattoo designs, with a platter or a cup to sit on. This is a homage symbol being paid to the gurus and teachers or mentors.

purple with lotus flower tattoo designs

4. The pink lotus would be the lotus of Lord Buddha according to Buddhism and that is why it speaks of the highly spirited individual. A person with a quest for knowledge, zest for life and more; pink lotuses are for the go-getters – the explorers of truth.

pink lotus tattoo designs

Here Are More Amazing Lotus Tattoo Ideas To Try

1. The Lotus Flower Tattoo

The Lotus Flower Tattoo

2. The Black Lotus Tattoo

The Black Lotus Tattoo

3. The Red Lotus Tattoo

The Red Lotus Tattoo

4. The White Lotus Tattoo

The White Lotus Tattoo

5. The Lotus Mandala Tattoo

The Lotus Mandala Tattoo

6. The Small Lotus Tattoo

The Small Lotus Tattoo

7. The Lotus Symbol Tattoo

The Lotus Symbol Tattoo

Get going and ink yourself with an amazing realistic lotus flower tattoo!

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