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Wedding Color Palettes For Spring 2016: What Colours Would You Choose?

by Fashionlady
Wedding Color Palettes For Spring

Wedding Color Palettes For Spring

We really do not want you to follow what fashion gurus have to say without checking your gut instinct on the same, but what we want you to do is to take a sneak peak of the international wedding color palettes for spring, summer, autumn and winter 2016 has to bring.

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Pay Attention

Don’t we just love our big fat Indian weddings, the shor sharaba and the glam? We do right? So here it is and pay very good attention at what the videsi mems are doing. If you are a bride to be, sometime this year and somewhere across the incredible nation, India, we have to help you first choose from a myriad of colours- so here goes the popular international wedding color palettes for spring and all seasons following it for 2016.

wedding color palettes 2016

Wedding Color Palettes 2016

Source: indianweddingsite.com

For Those Who Want a Bohemian Wedding

Colours such as sage and peach would be making plenty of news for romantic bohemian weddings and as one of the wedding color palettes for spring 2016. The look is that of a dreamy subtle hue, with plenty of tones on the lines of sage, peach and hemlock involved.

Color Palettes 2016

Source: indianweddingsite.com

For the décor you could play with prints and textures, teepees for the swag style to come through and soft pinks if need be for the ambiance to spruce up with. Your wedding bridal gown, saree or lehenga could go on the same lines, should you stick to the theme colors too. Brides abroad are already cutting cloth and getting their gowns stitched on these colors, what are you waiting for?

Color Palettes 2016 For Weddings

Source: elegantweddinginvites.com

Daytime Garden Weddings

Most Indian weddings would be held outdoors, possibly in a garden or at an open venue with plenty of foliage around. This is why the variety and theme for the color selection should be elegant and nice. For summer and late spring weddings, we think of raspberry reds and golds as an apt combination.

Colour Wedding Palette

Source: cloudfront.net

For the ambiance, you would look for relaxing reds and soft golds to décor and spruce the ambiance with. While we do that, for the bride we would want to check with more of golds and motifs in reds probably for her wedding ensemble.

2016 wedding color palettes

Source: wedmegood.com

The combination would surely be a delightful one to have, less vivid and yet with a quirky chunky sense of its own to offer. Should you want to play with color blocking fashion sense this time, you could indulge in baby blues, powder greens, creams on dark reds and more.

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Red and mint colot palettes

Source: wedmegood.com

For The Classy Brides Who Love No Nuisance

There are some of us who love all things traditional, and keeping that in mind we would want to follow the “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” culture.

Coral And Grays For The Lovers Of All Things Vintage

Not old-fashioned but yes, a blast from the past for sure. When thinking vintage, you need to be glamorous and fashionable. The ambiance has to be decked to finesse with the right mementos, artifacts, furniture and styles from the glorious days back then.

2016 wedding color palettes for spring

Source: pinterest.com


Talking about the ultimate color palettes 2016 can offer for the vintage wedding lovers, you should look at hues from slate blues to very soft pinks and corals, grays and greens to champagne, golds to bronzes and more.

Wedding color decors

Source: maharaniweddings.com

A Winter Wedding In 2016

We maybe just at the beginning of the year, but believe us when we say planning ahead is the best. With that in mind, the color palettes 2016 for weddings show us a lot of magical and very cohesive themes to play with.

Wedding colors indian 2016

Source: cloudfront.net

Winter weddings speak of royalty and class, which means palettes such as midnight blues would be best for the winter saga. Golds and silvers can be incorporated too, with emeralds, mint, plum and purple as well. The look that comes by with rich colours is that of elegance and regal royal touches. Think on the same lines for your wedding gowns too.

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Wedding colors 2016

Source: cloudfront.net

We hope you loved our little sneak peak on the colour wedding palettes for 2016. Do write in and let us know your thoughts on the same.

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