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What Gifts To Give To Your Taurus Girlfriend

by Fashionlady
What Gifts To Give To Your Taurus Girlfriend

What Gifts To Give To Your Taurus Girlfriend

She is a super determined individual who gets what she wants, no matter how long it takes. She might be the cleverest kid on the block but she loves the very idea of luxury. You can call her a bit stubborn and witty who enjoys gifts that reflect her personality. But don’t forget the fact that she is organised and ambitious.

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Gifts for Taurus Girlfriend

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First things first about a Taurean girl before you read on what kind of gifts attract this raging Bull. She loves to indulge and is a great sucker for luxury items and fine, quality gifts. No amount of fluffy and candy floss gifts like chocolates, flowers, or cards will come to rescue. To keep the Bull tamed and loved, here are a couple of gifts which are best for taurean gf.

1. Expensive Jewelery

Practical things in life interest a Taurean girl the most, not just moonlit nights and romantic walks. She needs life’s comforts and add-on luxuries. And high end jewelery is one such thing that will floor and convince her easily. Just a bauble or a trinket is not her cup of tea, but a pair of solitaire diamond earrings or necklaces and bracelets that are graceful would do good.

Choose an intricate bracelet or locket set in a precious metal like gold or platinum. You can also go for expensive gemstones like rubies, emeralds and sapphires but make sure they are well-cut and mounted on an expensive setting.

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Drop earrings with a matching silver-chained necklace would look a chic pair. A personalized pendant would also pass on as a token off affection to a Taurean girl.

Jewelery for Taurus Girlfriend

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2. Luxury Scents and Perfumes

The range of perfumes and scents are far too many, but don’t pick a brand that is average when it comes to gifting a Taurean woman. Choosing perfume labels such as Dior, Chanel, Calvin Klein, and more would be the best bet. Since its summer time, focus on buying floral and citrus scents rather than musks.

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For the travel-bound Taurean girls, gift them sets such as lotions, deodorants, or powders, and roller ball perfumes or smaller sized bottles.

Scents and Perfumes for Taurus Girlfriend

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3. Luxe Bath Items

Relaxing in a bubble bath is a favourite of a Taurus woman. Which is why, she loves to be pampered and gifted with designer facial treatments, and pedicure and manicure sets.

Make the process of bathing an absolute luxury for her by gifting her quality bath items in the form of essential oils or beautifully scented bubble bath solution.

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A great way to tell a Taurean girl that she’s appreciated is by putting together a gift basket with a few bottles of her favorite nail polish colors, cuticle oil, a sweet smelling candle, and hand lotion.

When you slip in a handwritten message on decorative paper, it would give a Taurean girl sense of immense pride.

Bathrobe and slippers

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5. Designer Handbags

High-priced handbags from prestigious brands, like Chanel and Michael Kors can be a great gifting option for a Taurean girl.

Choose a handbag that she already has but in a different colour. Alternatively, you can pick a matching wallet or make-up bag.

Designer Handbags

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6. Formal Accessories

The Taurean girl is steady and methodical which makes them good workers. Gifting them quality working gear such as a Notebook, Blackberry, or stylish computer bag would be wonderful. Or else pick desk accessories such as a pen, mouse pad, photo frame, stacking trays, desk lamp, calculator, diary or an elegant looking purse.

Desk Accessories

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7. Music Mania

Music is something that can be wonderful gifts for your Taurus woman. Invest in concert tickets, and music CD’s, or theater tickets to feed the Taurean passion for good music.

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Music CD

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While I have rounded up a couple of suggestions on gifts for Taurean woman, I would love to hear the favourite gifts that you have received from your male partner or friend or are eyeing the same.

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