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What’s Under Your Clothes?

by Fashionlady

I recently read an article which said the French women spend 20 per cent of their annual clothing salary on lingerie. Learn from these women who have already understood how essential it is to a woman to own good inner-wear. Most women don’t understand the power of good inner-wear. We tend to mention them as unmentionables, how ironic. When they are technically the most important piece of clothing you can own.

It’s not just something you wear underneath your clothes; it’s the foundation to how the clothes will fit you.

Indulge yourself in lingerie that’s beautiful and that compliments your body and style. These days, we have specialized stores for you to try it out and choose the right size and fit. When you are wearing something ravishing underneath your clothes, there comes a sense of assurance and confidence that you send out to your brain. Self worth is what you understand with an elegance that cannot be achieved with just good clothes.
So I have a list of must haves that your knickers drawers should definitely have, take note:


The T shirt Bra:

Seamless, with cups that could be padded or non-padded, these bras are supposed to be completely invisible when you wear even a tight fitted T-shirt. It is perfect when wearing some thin fabric tops or those clingy ones sine no stitch will be visible through.


source:Zivame .com


With no padding or under-wire, these come in a variety of fabrics, from lace to cotton to microfibers. Superbly comfortable, these are usually the ones that we wear on a daily basis. But if you are big chested, you ll need support that this fails to provide.



Push up:

A great bra for those who want cleavage with those dresses or shirts. It fills out the body, giving the breast a killer shape. A very popular style among the younger women, push ups literally push those breasts up and give them contouring of the right kind.


source:Pinterest .com


For those clothes that have thin straps or a strapless dress, strapless bras are a great option. I personally don’t like the transparent straps that are available because it defeats the purpose of not letting the strap show. Opt for these instead in a black colour or a skin colour shade.


source:pinterest .com

Nude Bra:

An absolute must have in every girl’s wardrobe; you just have to have a nude colour bra. You ask why? It’s for those translucent tops through which the bra doesn’t actually show but it will if you wear a white one. One mistake that all of us make is to wear a white bra under a white top that’s even a little see through. Wear a nude colour and you yourself will see what I’m saying.


nude bra

source:pinterest .com

Demi Cup:

For those deep necks in saree blouses or even a few tops, these bras are demi, which means half so it doesn’t show. They come in the most amazing colours and fabrics; my favourite is lace any day. These bras have great underwire support which is essential for the woman of today. These will provide you with right care and prevent sagging of breasts.

denim cup

source: pinterest.com

Sports Bra:

With most of us having joined a workout class, we need maximum support for those breasts. So have a good sports bra that lets your skin stretch while you do your exercises. Look for maximum comfort.

sports bra

source:Zivame .com


source:Zivame .com

Boy Shorts:

These cutesy underwear are very comfy and come in just ever style possible. You could get the satin ones and wear for the night since the fabric is soft on the skin and the cut will let the skin breathe.

boy shorts

source:pinterest .com


Thongs provide the least amount of coverage compare to all the others. The sexy variety of panty, these have a narrow strip at the back giving your bottoms the sultry look.
A lot of people prefer this style since the panty line does not show in these. While wearing a tight fitting dress or pants that stick to the body, these go perfectly well underneath.


source:Zivame .com

Shape wear panties:

These are a new option that a lot of women have opted for. It tucks the tummy in giving you a sleek shape around the waist. It’s a good wear underneath dresses since the bulges are taken care of. They are high waisted and sometimes even till the bust. So choose according to requirement.

shape wear panties

source:pinterest .com

I know you all must have made a mental calculation of all those that you already have and those that you need to shop for. Keep in Mind:

It’s time to get yourself measured (if not done already) to get the right fittings.
Absolutely avoid wearing synthetics.
Invest in good quality lingerie and read instructions as to how would wash and clean.
Pull those bra straps tight enough to avoid the sagging breasts. This is one mistake most Indian women make.
Match your panties and bras.

Every woman is different and her style is a small window to her actual self. Shop for things that speak about you and make you feel more confident of the person you are. A simple addition to your closet can be these innerwear ideas that will definitely bring a change.

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