Why You Should Avoid Wearing Flip Flops


Avoid Wearing Flip Flops

Do you think it is an awesomely cool fashion to wear flip-flops and are always captivated by the cute graphics on it? There are things of which you can never get enough. But, the fact that you may not be acquainted to is that they can cause serious damage to feet and posture. Quite obviously, flip-flops neither protect your feet nor support it.

Here, we bring you a list of reasons why you should avoid flip-flops, your favorite summer staple as they can cause damage to your health.

1. They expose your feet to a lot of unpleasant things

Slide your feet into a cute flip-flop and your feet could be exposed to bacterial, viral or fungal infections causing irritation to the skin or resulting in warts. It can cause serious damage specially, if you have open wounds or recently done pedicure. Not only that, wearing flip-flops makes your feet vulnerable to falling objects or people stepping on your toes resulting in nasty nail injuries and bruised toes.

Effects of wearing flip flops
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2. They can ruin your heels

Flip-flops do forbid your foot from the much-needed support. They are nothing but bits of rubber or a piece of foam converted into fake footwear that wears down quite quickly. With almost barefoot, flip-flops can stress the heel strike impact resulting in intense pain. And because of the lack of cushioning, arch support and no shock absorption, you tend to hit the ground with more force, which can also lead to stress fractures.

Tips  to avoid wearing flip-flops
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3. They can cause irritation and uncomfortable blisters

With almost nothing to hold on, instead of a thin strap, flip-flops can cause serious friction to your sensitive skin. As a result, they can instigate irritation and terrible blisters, making it more painful to walk in. And, when the blister pops up, your feet would be exposed to more germs. They can also make your bunions worse with constant pressure.

Continue reading the reasons to avoid flip flops.

Reasons to avoid flip flops
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4. They can end up with damaging your toes

To keep the flip-flops on your foot, the knuckles of the toes have to work very hard by constantly bending for the grip, which can cause hammertoe or can stretch the plantar fascia (connective tissue that links heel to the toe) over time. The overuse of these tissues and muscles can cause inflammation, intense pain and of course tired feet. Instead, go for a comfortable pair of footwear with thick strap at mid foot, which happens to be much trendier than flip-flops, to avoid such stiffness and pain.

Flip flops for foot
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5. They give you a terrible posture

Wearing a flip-flop can mess with your posture, as they tend to change biomechanics of your body. While wearing them, your joints have to compensate, which can result in intense pains to many parts of the body and pinched nerves in the back. According to the researchers, a flip-flop wearer takes shorter steps and turns the ankle inwards causing terrible posture with enduring ankle, knee, back and hip problems. Your shoes should bend with your foot and if it doesn’t, you need to change them for good. This is one of the serious health risks from flip flops.

Flip flop health risk
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6. They are made from toxic materials.

Bought a new pair of flip-flops at incredibly cheap rate from a beach side stall? If so, they are likely to be made from uncertain and toxic materials. Strap of a flip-flop may be made up of low quality latex, which can cause allergy to some people or may contain BPA, a toxic causing various cancers. Think again, do you really want to slide your feet in those? I recommend, go for a pair of footwear with natural material such as fabric or leather.

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Source: plus.google.com

7. They slow your pace.

It’s practically impossible to run in flip-flops. A flip-flop wearer tends to take smaller steps that can increase risk of tripping and ultimately spraining your leg. Yes, this one of the effects of wearing flip flops.

Flip flop wearer tends
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8. Flip-flops are a fashion disaster.

Nobody wants to see your stubbed toe or bruised feet. Flip-flops can actually flop your best to best ensemble. They are simply not suitable for work, day outings, date and so on. It’s better to keep them only for poolside and wear a chic and comfortable pair of footwear as an all-time essential.

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Flip flops fashion disaster
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Hope this article proves to be very informative on reasons why you should avoid flip-flops. Keep your feet happy and healthy always.



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