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30 Denim Jacket Style Ideas

by Fashionlady
Denim Jacket Styling Ideas

Denim Jacket Styling Tips
It’s time to take your denim jacket out of hibernation. The cool thing about a denim jacket is that you can pair it with almost everything. Denim jackets are classic, timeless pieces that will always be in fashion. No wonder we love them so much.

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Here are some very awesome ways in which you can style your denim jacket.

1. Pair it with a Jumpsuit

Cameron Diaz shows us how it’s done in this white jumpsuit with a denim jacket combination.

Denim Jackets

2. Pair it with a Tulle Skirt

Nothing screams stylish better than this combination.

how to wear a denim jacket

3. When Denim Goes White

While traditionally a denim jacket is blue, there is nothing stopping you from experimenting with other colours. We especially love this white denim jacket with a black and white outfit. The white jacket is dressier than a blue one would have been.

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how to wear a denim jacket in winter

4. Denim-on-denim Trend

You can never go wrong with this trend.

Ways to Wear Your Jean Jacket

5. Make Your Maxi Work In Fall/Winter

Maxi dresses are typically reserved for summer and spring. But that does not mean you can’t find some clever ways to wear your maxi dresses in fall and winter as well. One such way to incorporate your maxi dresses into your winter wear is to add a denim jacket style on top and complete the look with a pair of boots.

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Jean Jacket for womens

6. Pair it with a Pencil Skirt

A pencil skirt is dressy and classy, a denim jacket is casual and laidback. So they shouldn’t work together right? Wrong! Check out how well a denim jacket style goes with a pencil skirt. We are so totally trying out this look.

Trendy Denim Jacket Ideas

7. Whimsical and Tough

Pairing a denim jacket with a flowing full length skirt can lead to some interesting results, as you can see in the photo. We love how the tough denim is in total contrast with the flimsy skirt and yet the look works.

Wilde wrangler denim jean jacket

9. Make it The Middle Layer

You don’t have to make your denim jacket your outer layer. You can always top it off with a winter coat to make the denim jacket your middle layer instead.

How to Wear a Cropped Denim Jacket

10. The Grungy Babe Look

Of course pairing your denim jacket with a t-shirt and skinny jeans is a classic look that you just cannot go wrong with.

denim jacket v neck

11. Pair it with a Checked Shirt

The denim jacket when paired with a checked shirt makes for a very interesting outfit.

blue denim pull bear jacket red

12. Add a Scarf

Of course you can always add a scarf to add one more layer to your outfit. The more layers, the better we say!

DIY Trendy Denim Jacket

13. Jazz It Up With Brooches

A great way to add some bling to your look is to pin some brooches onto your denim jacket.

how to wear a denim jacket with leggings

14. Pair it with High Waist Trousers

Denim Jacket Chanel Sunglasses

15. Distress Your Jacket

If you love wearing distressed jeans, then you might want to consider distressing your denim jacket as well for that cool worn out look. Take a blade to your jacket and fray it up here and there to give it a distressed look as shown in the picture. Continue reading for more denim jacket styling ideas.


wearing distressed jeans

16. Pair it with a Bralet

Style Your Jean Jacket

17. Pair it with a Summer Dress

navy denim jacket

18. Pair it with Aztec Print Skirt

how to wear a denim jacket women

19. Denim Jacket with Neon Outfit

fashion outfits gor fall with neon yellow

20. Pair it with a Crop Top

Tips On How To Wear Crop Tops

21. Pair it With Palazzos

How To Wear Palazzo Pants

22. Pair it With Culottes

Ways to Wear a Denim Shirt

23. Wear it with a Vest

How To Wear Denim Vests

24. Wear it with Leather Pants

womens Leather Jacket Outfits

25. Pair it with Boyfriend Jeans

denim jacket double boyfriend jeans

26. Pair it with Harem Pants

What To Wear With Harem Pants

27. Pair it with a Floral Shift Dress

Denim Dresses

28. Layer it with a Fur Vest

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Outerwear Denim Jacket

29. Pair it with Your Evening Gown

What to Wear with a Denim Jacket

30. Pair it with a Romper

Denim Romper

Hope this article on denim jacket styling ideas is helpful.

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