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Fancy A Little Out OF The Blue Mermaid Tattoo? Here Are 25 Cute Mermaid Tattoos To Choose From!

by Fashionlady
The Little Mermaid Tattoos

Mermaid Tattoos

Everyone should have a lovely time playing around with fashion. This is because, fashion sets its own rules for sure, but you as a fashionista can break it. With regard to what we just said, if the next time someone tells you it is not ‘womanly’ to sport tattoos, please walk away. We don’t need such negative talks and negative people in our lives. We fashionistas want to rule the world; we want pop of colors around and to be honest, without us, the world would be such a boring place to bask in. So here are twenty five cutest mermaid tattoos, which we want to share with you. Take a look and get one of them done!

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1. Three Cute Mermaid Tattoos

Cute mermaid tattoos are often associated with sailors; we fashionistas will break that rule and show you how women can wear cute mermaid tattoos the best. Take a look at these three beautiful specimens and get your inspiration from them.

Cute Mermaid Tattoos

2. Three Of The Best The Little Mermaid Tattoos

Right above, we just showed you cute mermaid tattoos and wouldn’t want to stop there, because we have the Little Mermaid tattoos that you can wear. It would be best for college goers to wear the cute little mermaid, owing to their persona and lifestyle; but then again, age is just a number. Here are three cutest little mermaid tattoos to sport!

Little Mermaid Tattoos

3. Three Of The Sweetest Mermaid Pisces Tattoos

For the nicest and sweetest fashionistas and divas out there, could we forget how much of sweetness you throw into the world with your sense of style and grace? The answer is NO. Hence, we would like to show you some of the sweetest mermaid Pisces tattoos that would surely take your breath away. Here are three best!

Mermaid Pisces Tattoos

4. Three Amazing Mermaid Arm Tattoos

Don’t let your arms be bare through spring, summer and autumn when the climes are warm. If you aren’t going to wear accessories, you could have mermaid arm tattoos adorning the skin in more ways than one. Fashionable and cute, chic and elegant too, here are a couple of mermaid arm tattoos to deck the arms with. Take a look!

Mermaid Arm Tattoos

5. Three Mermaid Tattoos on Thighs

For those who wear mini-skirts, shorts, skirts, hot pants, boyfriend shorts and more, and would want to wear tattoos along with them – choose the mermaid tattoos on thighs for the same, which will enhance the fashion status quo of your personality and add more color to your lifestyle as well. Here are three beautiful mermaid tattoos on thighs from the many we love.

Mermaid Tattoos on Thighs

6. Three Gorgeous Vintage Mermaid Tattoos

Nothing speaks of elegance and class more than a fashion vintage or a haute retro touch; this is why we would like to show you gorgeous vintage mermaid tattoos that you could think of wearing anywhere on your body.


Vintage Mermaid Tattoos

7. Three Quirky Matching Mermaid Tattoos

Should your sister or BFF want to have the same tattoo as you; sisterhood is important to maintain amongst fashionistas, and that is why we have these quirky matching mermaid tattoos to show you. Take a look!

Matching Mermaid Tattoos

Beautiful Mermaid Tattoos

10. Here’s Our Favourite And What We Think Is One Of The Best Mermaid Tattoos Seen Around!

Minimal and cute!

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Best Mermaid Tattoos

Have fun with your pretty mermaid tattoos and do share it with us!

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