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FashionLady Brings Another Mind Blowing Contest For Valentine’s Day

by Fashionlady


Despite what extremists and fanatics do or believe, Valentine’s Day has become increasingly popular in India. The notion of celebrating love has taken the country by a storm and with so much hatred around, it is only natural to celebrate love.

Here’s how it started

But, do we know how it all started? Nobody knows and to be honest, nobody is bothered to find the real reason. With so many folklores around, people just pick what every suits them best and go with it. A folklore that we found very interesting goes like this – St. Valentine, a priest defied the Emperor and was killed. But how did he defy an Emperor? Rumor has it that the Emperor had banned marriage (because men would fall in love, get married and would not want to become soldiers and go to war). But the priest paid no heed and united young people with holy matrimony in secret.

What’s the tradition?

So, that’s one folklore, eh? What are the traditions that people follow on Valentine’s Day? To begin with, they give roses and chocolates to the person they love. They might take them out on dinner or plan a weekend getaway. Some might actually go above and beyond and propose the love of their life.

When does the celebration begin?


People, who like to go all out to celebrate their love, follow the 7 day routine prior to Valentine’s Day and end up celebrating The Valentine Week. This is how it looks like
7th February – Rose Day
8th February – Propose Day
9th February – Chocolate Day
10th February – Teddy Day
11th February – Promise day
12th February – Hug Day
13th February – Kiss Day

What plans does FashionLady have?

We at FashionLady can never let go of such big events without having some fun. So with creativity oozing and a lot of brainstorming along with occasional fun, team FashionLady has come up with an amazing contest for y’all. Starting tomorrow, make sure to check the FashionLady website and all other social profiles for a very fun and interesting contest. The hints and clues to the contest will be provided on the website, so make sure you keep looking for them. The winners of this fun filled contest will get mind blowing and amazing gift hampers. Are you ready for this?

Need some brilliant dress ideas for Valentine’s day?

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