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How To Flaunt Silver Lipstick For A Quirky And Glamorous Look

by Fashionlady
Silver Lipstick

Silver Lipstick

One movie that really touched the chord with not only kids, but also fashionistas was ‘Frozen’. Apart from spawning tons of ‘Frozen’ related goodies, we also had fashionistas queuing up for frosted makeup. In fact, M.A.C even came up with a ‘Frozen’ inspired limited edition collection. So there was frosted makeup, metallic eyeliner and of course, who can forget Silver Lipstick!

Silver lipstick is one trend which can instantly transform your look into quirky or glamorous depending on how you want to style it with. So, if you are looking for a quirky look, your makeup should also be similar. On the other hand, if it is glamorous on the cards, your makeup will be similar too. In fact, versatility of the colour ensures that you will also know how to wear lipstick casually with this colour! If you look back at the trends, you will find that silver lipstick is one of the bold lipstick colours usually flaunted by models and fashionistas.


We have curated the best possible combinations of silver lipsticks and in this article; you will find awesome ways on how to wear silver lipstick with oomph. So, let’s get started:

How to Wear Silver Lipstick

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Fall Weather = Metallic Hues

Fall is the time you wear all the warm clothes, and a hint of metallic will look perfect during this time of the weather. The temperature is chill, and a tinge of metallic can actually transform your look into a much warmer hue. So, whip out those warm leggings and swipe a bit of silver lipstick on!

Silver color lipstick

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Silver Lip Colour = Party Mood On!

Though silver makeup is not as flattering as golden hues, but you sure can make quite an impact with your silver lipstick. Pale, frosted lipsticks are ‘in’ even now, though in the early nineties, they were the rage! If you style them right, silver lipstick can be your perfect accessory for a party. It is a really happening colour and can literally rock if you are channeling the inner nineties girl.

How to wear lipstick casually

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Not a Hint of Goth!

Silver lipstick is dramatic and can look amazing and quirky, just like black lipstick but without the Goth undertone. Silver lipstick was recently seen making the rounds in the Betsey Johnson’s show along with smokey eyes. Smokey eyes and bold lips are an amazing combination and make sure you pair them up well so that you get the most cohesive look.

Check out this amazing combination of smokey eyes and bold silver lipstick. This look is sure to turn a few heads around the party circuit.

How to wear lipstick

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Silver Glitter Lipstick

Another way to take up your lipstick game up is to add a hint of glitter to it. If you think that silver glitter is a little too much OTT, then you can tone down other parts of your makeup, namely your foundation or your eye makeup. Just one part of your look which is glam is enough to complete the look.

Silver glitter lipstick

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DIY Silver Lipstick

Now that we have clearly established that Silver Lipstick is not just for the runway, you can create your own silver lipstick too. Just dab some silver eye shadow on a lipstick colour of your choice to get the silver lipstick look.

Bold lipstick colors

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See, it’s not really hard to style silver lipstick right? Then, let’s get started already!

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