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How to Hide Stretch Marks with Makeup

by Fashionlady
How to Hide Stretch Marks with Makeup

How to Hide Stretch Marks with Makeup
I remember when Malaika Arora did an item number for the movie ‘Welcome’, everyone’s eyes were struck on her waist not for the ‘thumkas’ she was giving, but for the stretch marks that were clearly visible following her second pregnancy. While there is an array of home remedies available to get rid of stretch marks; the result is never achieved overnight. So, here are a few tips on how to hide stretch marks with makeup.

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While makeup is always an inevitable option to conceal those embarrassing scars, there are other innovative ways too to hide stretch marks. Continue reading!

Go for a good concealer that helps conceal the stretch marks on the stomach and also hides the appearance of purple and red marks if any. Rapid weight gain or loss, pregnancy and certain hormonal changes lead to stretch marks that are prominent and quite stubborn to easily fade away.

Therefore, go for a good quality concealer that does not run into your clothes and fade away easily making your stretch marks visible.

You can rely upon tanning to cover up your stretch marks. While natural tanning helps hide the marks, too much of exposure can damage your skin. So don’t be under the sun for too long.


You can also take help of spray tans and make your stretch marks look less obvious. However do not try this on your own, instead seek help of a professional who’ll carefully apply the tan by hand.

And neither of the above option looks convenient for you then the best you can do is go for an outfit that strategically hides your marks.

Hide Stretch Marks with Makeup

How to apply makeup to hide stretch marks

Use facial concealer

As bikini season has already approached, the mercury is soaring high thereby making your skin prone to tanning. The enlarged dermis however is in mood to soak in the rays because of the lack of pigments in the stretch mark areas. Therefore, the best option is to go for a facial concealer. Go for a concealer that best matches your skin tone.

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Apply with makeup sponge

Use a makeup sponge or brush to apply the product on the marks. You can also use a body powder over it to make the concealer last long, thereby hiding your scars. However, make sure you apply a waterproof concealer so that it doesn’t fade away with sweat.

Leg and Body Cover

You can also go for a specially designed body foundation – Leg and Body Cover that also comes with SPF 15 thus works as sun protection. This body foundation offers medium coverage in natural finish thereby hiding your stretch marks to much extent.

So those were some of the effective tips on how to hide stretch marks with makeup. Hope this helps!

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