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How To Wear An Infinity Scarf in Infinite Ways

by Fashionlady
How To Wear An Infinity Scarf

How To Wear An Infinity Scarf

Fashion accessories have their own charm and almost become a primary item of clothing. One such popular, comfortable, stylish and warm accessory that will make your winters smile is infinity scarf.

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Also called a cowl, a shrug or a snood, the infinity scarf is a flashy-cum-cozy way of giving a cold shoulder to the wintry winds. Whether it is the Alaskan winds or the penguin-loving land of Antarctica, infinity scarves are there to bring in bold colours to your winter outfits.

Whenever you are thinking of how to wear an infinity scarf, the options available are so many that you will end up forgetting the chill. Drape the circle shaped scarf around your dainty neck, or wear it as a shawl.

Ways To Wear An Infinity Scarf


When it comes to ways to tie an infinity scarf, you can even style it as a top, skirt or dress. In short, there is so much to experiment with on how to wear an infinity scarf.

Read Ways to Wear An Infinity Scarf and you will be surprised how much they go that extra mile in giving you lovable patterns and styles when you are standing up against the chill.

Infinity Scarf Styles

1. Classic Scarf Infinity Scarf Pattern

Never mind if your circle scarf is big enough or small, you can wear it in a classic way. For that, you just have to top the scarf over a blouse or a tee. There is no need to wrap or twist it around, just let it sit on your shoulders like an ordinary or regular scarf. If you have a long scarf, drape it over your front like a necklace.

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Infinity Scarf Pattern

But if your scarf is of a small circumference, then the best way would be to put it like the neck warmer shown below.

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Ways To Tie An Infinity Scarf

2. Layered Scarf Infinity Scarf Pattern

If you find your scarf a bit too long and fear it mismatched with your face and neck proportion, then loop your infinity scarf pattern around your neck twice or thrice. Something similar to the Tasha crinkled Ringer Scarf that sits on the model neck as shown below.

Infinity Scarf Styles

3. Hooded Infinity Scarf Pattern

Flexibility is the good thing about this infinity scarf styles, so much so that you can wear it in a hooded way. Depending on its circumference, you can adjust it over your head. If the scarf is short, then first pull it over and follow it up by pulling the back portion over your head.

4. Shoulder Wrap Infinity Scarf Pattern

The good news about having a small infinity scarf is that you can spread it across your shoulders and arms. This will give it the look of a shoulder wrap. Alternatively, you can push the scarf’s top portion down so as to make it look off-shoulder (like the visual down below you see on the right)

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Shoulder Wrap Infinity Scarf Pattern


5. Vest Infinity Scarf Pattern

Those of you pretty lasses who have smaller bust line or narrow shoulders can go for vest infinity scarf pattern. This helps you increase your figure. To do it, you need to put the infinity scarf behind your head, then slip both your arms into the opening. Make sure the stretch of the fabric runs behind your neck.

Vest Infinity Scarf Pattern

6. Shawl Infinity Scarf Pattern

In this infinity scarf styles, first put one arm through the scarf. Now pull the scarf’s other end behind your back so that you can easily put your other arm through, like the way you put on a coat. See to it that the scarf lies flat on your back. Now pull the top end over your shoulders to get the desired result.

Shawl Infinity Scarf Pattern

Apart from the ones shared above, other infinity scarves include Shrug, Halter (one shoulder), Circle and many more.

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If there are any questions running over your mind on how to wear an infinity scarf, then watch this video where Shaina Glenn shows you how to play around with your scarf by twisting and turning it to create some volume and texture.

7. Cape Style

The capes are one trending piece of layering style. Instead of buying woolen capes, learn how to wear an infinity scarf like a cape. Wear the scarf around your neck, make an 8 to the side and cross it over your head. Now spread the width of the scarf in the front and the back along your shoulders. This infinity scarf styles works great with any outfit.

Cape Style

8. Halter Neck Top

Here is one of the chic ways to wear an infinity scarf. Place the scarf around your waist and spread it evenly for good coverage. Turn the scarf into an 8 shape in the front and place it over your head. Adjust the scarf to make it look like a perfect halter neck top.

Halter Neck Top

9. Strapless Dress

For this infinity scarf style, you need a lightweight scarf and a couple of belts. Strap a belt right under your armpits around your chest. Now slide the infinity scarf from under the belt to over it. Once you have proportionately pulled the scarf over the belt, tie up a belt around the waist to give it a shape.

Strapless Dress

10. Skirt Style

This technique teaches you how effectively you can turn an infinity scarf into a skirt. It is very similar to the strapless dress pattern. Take a lightweight scarf and spread it wide. Wrap a belt around your waist and roll the scarf from under the belt to over it all along.

Skirt Style

11. Head Band

If you are wondering how to wear an infinity scarf on your head, then you have hit the right spot. It’s an absolutely simple and chic way of wearing a turban with infinity scarf. Take a lightweight, narrow scarf, as a heavy one might weigh you down. From under the nape of the neck pull the scarf on top of your head and twist it. Pull it back under the nape again and ensure it sits tight.

Head Band

12. One-Shouldered Dress

For this unique infinity scarf style, you need an infinity scarf and a clip. Roll the scarf over your head and spread it over the bodice. Now pull the scarf on one side and clip it to over the shoulder to the back on the same side giving it the ultimate one-shouldered dress style.

One shouldered Dress

13. Hooded Shawl

Do you like the veil style? It is one effective way to wear an infinity scarf in summer. Initially wear a single loop of scarf and spread the scarf over the head from behind. Let the scarf fall casually and drape around the shoulders. If the scarf is too long, now make another knot over the fabric on the top of the head. Give this hooded infinity scarf style a shot this summer and protect your hair from heat and dust.

Hooded Shawl

14. Scarf With Head Band

Do a classic loop style. Now pull one of the front loops over your head and ensure it is tight and in place. You can even try a twisted headband as an alternate style.

Scarf with head band

15. Nursing Cover

One amazing trick of using infinity scarf is to turn into a nursing cover post pregnancy. Wear it over one shoulder like a sash and voila!, you have the perfect nursing cover.

Nursing cover

16. Tie Style

Go the corporate way with the infinity scarf. Loop the scarf and place it behind your neck. Now pull the two ends in the front and make a knot leaving one end to fall in the center like a tie.

Tie style

17. Baby Sling style

Here is one more interesting way to tie an infinity scarf. Place the scarf around your neck and make two loops. Increase the length of one loop by pulling it forward. Now drape the pulled out portion over one shoulder. This is an easy to-go baby sling style. If you are unsure of holding your baby, you can carry even your pets in the sling.

Baby Sling style

18. Twist Style

Love the twists? Yes! Check out this style. Place an infinity scarf in a single loop and twist the front. Now pull the loop over the head and complete the style.

Twist Style

19. Cover-up Style

Scarves and summer doesn’t sound great together right? But yeah, scarves work as great cover-ups for the heat and the dust. Wrap a single loop of teh circle scarf and spread it out like a cover-up.

Cover up Style

20. Turban Style

If you have a bad hair day, this style will suit you the best. Place the scarf on the head and let it fall back. Now twist the scarf on the back after allowing it to cover the scalp part. Twist the loose ends and wrap it around the bottom and move it to the front. Repeat the same and wrap it on the back.

Turban Style

21. Cross-over Sweater

Make the most of this style during the start of winter when the cold breeze runs a chill down your spine. Wear the infinity scarf around your waist and in the front, cross-over the two ends. Now Pull the loop over the head and spread it nice and neat giving it a sweater feel.

Cross-over Sweater

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If there are any questions running over your mind on how to wear an infinity scarf, then watch this video where Shaina Glenn shows you how to play around with your scarf by twisting and turning it to create some volume and texture.

Happy Scarfing your way up to the limelight so all the besties!

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