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Keep These Tips in Mind While Shopping For Promise Rings For Girlfriend

by Fashionlady
Promise Rings

Promise Rings for Girlfriend

A relatively new concept that has emerged and across the world that too, promise rings for girlfriend is a new-age phenomena that as the name suggests, makes a promise to the beau that her man would stand by her through thick and thin. The ritual much more than a mushy aww, is a promise and a symbolization statement piece worn on the finger. This is why shopping for promise rings for girlfriend should be done with due diligence. Every piece has a distinct story and a promise to make, and today we shall tell you more about them all.


Engraved Promise Rings

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Symbol of Love

In addition for promise rings for girlfriend being the symbol of love, it also stands as a statement commitment and respect. It is an act that shows they are now with their heart and soul, ready to be one with his beau. And when that tingling feeling arises, it is time for you to start shopping for the right promise ring to gift.

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Representing your emotions and the strength of your relationship, here are a few tips on how to choose a meaningful promise ring – one that would last a lifetime, and without words being spoken! But first, let’s look at the stages of promise rings – an etiquette quite a challenge to follow!

Promise Ring Meaning For a Girlfriend

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Much More Than Just An Engagement Ring

Promise rings are quite different from the concept of engagement rings, and the rules are pretty stringent too. There are certain norms to follow, and the guidelines thereby have to be true to the heart, lest it leads to embarrassment at a later stage.

Promise Rings for Girls

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Stage 1

This would be before the promise is made, or maybe when you have just started dating and not even a year has passed. Don’t expect him to pop the question or her to expect a promise ring- too impulsive and fast, and you would lose it all.

Promise Rings

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Stage 2

You could have been dating one another for a short time or a long period, and it would only be the two of you and the comfort levels you both share, which would tell you if you are ready to present the promise ring or not!

Girlfriend promise rings

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Stage 3

A promise ring is meant to be very clear about your intent to commit, which is why communication is a must and it should be clear on the same lines. The two of you are now ready and know the intent of having a promise ring worn- sit and chalk out your plans ahead.

Silver Promise Rings

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How To Choose The Right One!

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1. Let’s begin with looking for the right metal when shopping for promise rings. The market is flooded with a wide variety, some are engraved promise rings made from sterling silver, other made from gold, rubies and diamonds too. but keep in mind her likes and dislikes before picking a metal type!


3. A three-stone promise ring denotes the past, the present and the future of your relationship with her. Whereas should you choose to pick up an eternity band, it would speak volumes about your intent to be committed downright.

Three-stone promise ring

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4. When selecting the stones on the promise ring, please remember diamonds are always favored over other stones in most cases. The diamond cut should be princess-shaped or round for a classy touch, or you could opt for cubic zircons, gemstones and rubies too.

Daimond cut promise rings

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5. Do you wish to have the promise ring engraved or inscribed? If yes, choose your message of love wisely. It makes the gift a very special one and with plenty of meaning too.

Promise Rings for Wedding

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6. When presenting the ring, it has to be a very special occasion or a moment, with or without the family around. But do not confuse this with a marriage proposal, for it is not! Never go on your knees to propose. Verbally declare your love, and leave it to that.

Diamond accent heart promise ring

Source: zales.com

7. Should you want to do it with the religious order around, a church ceremony then would be needed. It is here where the ring would be presented, and the declaration of promise is done.

Enchantment promise ring

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8. You may also decide to gift the promise ring on her birthday or a special occasion. She wouldn’t confuse it for a marriage proposal.

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Promise Ring Set

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9. She can wear the promise ring either on the left or the right hand, and this would be the norm until you pop the question later on (engagement day).

Wedding band promise ring

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10. While women cannot resist but to flaunt and flash their statement jewelry pieces, she is allowed to do the same with her promise ring!

Diamond twisted promise ring

Source: amazon.com

The promise ring meaning for a girlfriend once again shouldn’t be confused with an engagement ritual or a marriage proposal. Keep your intent and communication very clear when gifting the promise ring to her, to avoid embarrassment at a later stage!

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