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Learn These Different Ways On How To Wear Ankle Boots

by Fashionlady
How To Wear Ankle Boots

How To Wear Ankle Boots

Girls, it is time to learn how to buy, wear and style one of the most important accessories on you, the ankle boots. When you learn how to wear ankle boots, you would know how to don any look to emulate the diva’ish touch. To make heads turn and to grab eyeballs for an interview or at a party; ankle boots rock!


Womens Ankle Boots

A Discovery To Make

Before we show you how to wear ankle boots, always remember that they come in various lengths and styles. Shoe boots to booties, the ankle length boots are those that skim the lower half of the calf and cover your feet.

Womens Ankle Boots

It was in the 1800s when ankle boots made an appearance and were not shape specific. Back then, ankle boots were made in such a way, that you could wear any boot on any foot not considering which foot needs to get into which foot.. Thus becoming a versatile style statement and the rest is history.

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Characteristically speaking, in the 1800s the boots were worn by women under their long Victorian gowns, and as the 1900s approached, the gowns were replaced with dress pants and skirts.

Ankle Boots Wearing Guide

What To Remember When Buying Ankle Boots

In the excitement of knowing how to wear ankle boots, don’t forget that there are certain rules pertaining to wearing them and buying them too.

  1. Ankle boots when worn by the short legged beauties can make them look tall
  2. Wide legged girls look slimmer in ankle boots

But all of this would come by truly when you know how to wear them right, or else the adverse effect comes into play. This is why it is so important to buy ankle length boots in accordance to your body shape, your height and your body proportions; a flattering look to achieve is thus possible.

Ankle boots


Do You Want It To Scale Your Legs?

There are some who buy womens ankle boots to scale their legs, which brings about a proportionate and a very balanced look of being slender and long. With platform ankle boots, you can scale your leg and make the legs look slender too, so women with full legs should opt for it and not the girls who have very thin legs!

Women Ankle Boots

With Regard To The Body Shape

There are specific ankle boots that match the body shape, and compliment them too. What we should aim for here, when buying womens ankle boots is to get the body look in proportion to that of the shoes worn. Fashionable ankle boots help flatter the body, but only if they are worn and bought right.

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Fashionable ankle boots

How To Style Ankle Boots

For The Rectangular Body

If your body resembles the shape of a rectangle, the aim should be to make it curvy. Choose styling ankle boots with plenty of detailing on them

Ankle boots tips

For The Apple Shaped Body

Such body types are those that don’t have full legs, which is why to balance the look we would look at bright and vibrant styling ankle boots.

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How To Wear Ankle Boots

Fashion Tips

When styling ankle boots, do remember the following!

  1. Buy and wear boots that are apt for the occasion you are going to
  2. Stiletto ankle boots help grab eyeballs and turn heads
  3. For office wear, craftsmanship styling ankle boots are best buys
  4. Weather resistant ankle boots help protect the feet from cold winter wet months
  5. Combat ankle boots are best buys for the adventurous lass

How To Buy Ankle Boots

We hope you loved this post on how to wear and buy, and styling ankle boots. Please do write in with your fashion tips and advise on how to wear them too, because we love sharing them with everyone as always!

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