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2016 Best Oscar Jewelry Pieces We Cannot Stop Raving And Talking About!

by Fashionlady
2016 Best Oscar Jewelry

2016 Best Oscar Jewelry

The world waited with baited breath to know who would bag the Oscars and which films would make history. The red carpet saga was a busy one as usual, with celebrities flaunting designer wear and chic trendy accessories for company. We aren’t here this time to talk about the gowns, the hair and the makeup, but would like to shed light on the bling factor with regard to the best Oscar jewelry worn. Here are a couple of best Oscar jewelry numbers the media couldn’t stop talking about and now it is all over social media too.

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Iconic Jewelry Worn At The Oscars

Grab a seat and take a good look at each of the iconic jewelry worn at the Oscars this year.

1. For The Love Of Chokers

Chokers were a trend in the 90s and they are back with a bang this time. Celebrity actress Olivia Wilde was caught in a sexy valentino haute number gracing her neck with a large choker. She completed the look with diamond and pearl earrings, courtesy Neil Lane.

Iconic Jewelry Worn At The Oscars

Source: harpersbazaar.com

2. Mismatch For Saoirse Ronan

Celebrity actress Saorise Ronan stunned the paparazzi with plenty of chic mismatches- quite oxymoronish to say so, but the celebrity made waves wearing Choppard earrings quite individually made from emeralds and pearls, diamonds and jade that matched her bottle green shimmery haute wear.

Oscar Jewellery 2016

Source: telegraph.co.uk

3. Harry Winston Gems For Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron was the ‘lady in red’ gracing the red carpet at the Oscars this year, and she looked every bit a sensual swan at the affair that lasted all night. Charlize looked chic in a bright red Dior gown, graced with a navel-grazing necklace (48.8 carats diamonds) and cluster earrings.

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Best Jewelry On The Red Carpet

Source: becauseiamfabulous.com

4. Lorraine Schwartz For Sofia Vergara

The world may have had a hearty laugh and gone mushy with Sofia’s antics the last time when she was on the red carpet, but this time the diva wore jewelry made by Lorraine Schwartz’s diamond-and-sapphire creations. Fifteen carat each with vine earrings and gobstopper-size rings matched the deep blue hue on the haute gown she wore.

Lorraine Schwartz Jewellry For Sofia Vergara

Source: celebmafia.com

5. 90 Carats Of Lorraine Schwartz  For Lady Gaga

The world stood and applauded the bold and vivacious Lady Gaga for her take and support to the victims of sexual abuse and rape worldwide. Standing pretty and in a chic dress pant with an embossed white gown over it, Lady Gaga’s iconic two-piece construction rings were stunners for the shutterbugs to deal with.

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90 Carats Of Lorraine Schwartz For Lady Gaga

Source: dailymail.co.uk

6. Priyanka Chopra Wore Lorraine Schwartz

Desi diva Priyanka Chopra had her elegant way and did a good job too at the red carpet saga, hosting the Oscars this year and making India proud. Priyanka had her laughs and flaunted her glistening Lorraine Schwartz 50-carat diamond earrings and finger rings like a pro!

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8. Heidi Klum In Lorraine Schwartz Pieces

The Oscars 2016 saw Hollywood celebrity Heidi Klum flaunting Lorraine Schwartz pieces on the red carpet and at the venue. 20 carat triangular earrings with three finger rings of 67 carats made the bling effect come through for sure; who doesn’t love a little peachy pink hues with diamonds?

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Heidi Klum In Lorraine Schwartz Pieces

Source: glamour.com

9. Lorraine Schwartz Gems For Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen, famous Hollywood bombshell rocked the scene at the Oscars wearing large humongous 20-carat champagne-hued studs on her ears. Proof that the lady has a penchant for all things big in fashion!

Lorraine Schwartz Gems For Chrissy Teigen

Source: teenvogue.com

10. Bulgari For Naomi Watts

A stunning sparkling Armani neckpiece brought in the shine and bling to the busy and very noisy red carpet when celebrity actress Naomi Watts made her presence felt. Brilliantly cut and suave for sure, Naomi made fashion statements in her neckpiece reach new levels.

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Bulgari Neckpiece For Naomi Watts

Source: fashnberry.com

11. Harry Winston For Kerry Washington

Sultry diva and Hollywood celebrity Kerry Washington made waves wearing jewelry by Harry Winston. Platinum 42 carat vintage 1963 hoop earrings and a pair of diamond statement earrings for the lady, graced along for the red carpet event!

Harry Winston Jewelry For Kerry Washington

Source: harpersbazaar.com


12. Forevermark For Olivia Munn

Whoever thought of this style was a genius, and when worn with a serpent diamond bracelet, courtesy the FOREVERMARK, the one shoulder gown for Olivia in bright orange made the lady stand out like a shining star!

Forevermark Bracelet For Olivia Munn

Source: daraz.pk

Here were thus a couple of the best Oscar jewellery 2016 styles worn at the red carpet this time. We can only wait and watch the trends catching up or someone emulating the best jewelry on the red carpet at weddings and special events here in India!

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