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A Few Ways On How To Wear Eyeliner For Summer Makeup Explained

by Fashionlady
Summer Eye Makeup Tips

Eyeliner For Summer Makeup

Isn’t it lovely that with a pair of eyelids we can actually capture the imagination of many onlookers around? And we are not just talking about using eyeshadow in bright lovely colors, but eyeliner for summer makeup, which can up the ante on style and fashion sense too. Instead of simply putting the liner close to the lash line, you can get all creative and individualistic wearing eyeliner for summer makeup. Here’s how!

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A Few Ways To Look Chic In Eyeliner For Summer Makeup Tips

If you’ve referred to our earlier posts on summer eye makeup tips, we’ve insisted on the use of waterproof mascara and eyeliner, and foundation too for the summer heat. Sticking with that makes sense, since no one would have the time to run around for various touch ups, and the humidity can melt the makeup away too.

Without wasting any time, here are a couple of eyeliner for summer ideas, which you should try out!

Eyeliners For Summer

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Pick up an eyeliner from one of the best eyeliners of 2016 and let’s get started.

Best Type Of Eyeliner For Summer

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Egyptian Eyeliner

What we love about the versatile Egyptian eyeliner style is that it can be worn for college or for a party, and yet wouldn’t raise an eyebrow amongst the seniors around. The eyeliner lays more focus on the double lining of the crease and the lash line- upper and lower for the latter.

Best Eyeliners Of 2016

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The Two Color Double Liner Style

If you are in the mood for a little more fun than the usual, and the girls are waiting for the night out to happen- try the two color double liner style. While you flick the liner on top, focus a little more on the flick for the outer corner of the lower lash line to make this style come through.

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Eyeliners Of 2016

Source: womenkingdom.com

The 60s Style

If you fancy being a diva in the summer sun and would like to emulate the eyeliner of the leading ladies worn in the 60s, here’s your chance to learn how it is all done. Take a look at this tutorial below and follow the simple steps on getting your eyeliner right.

Eyeliner Styles For Summer

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Simple Flattering Lines

No time to doll up pretty? Simple is pretty too but with an end flick to flaunt. Wear your eyeliner thinnest at the inner corner of the eye and as you move towards the outer corner, thicken the line. End the line with a double flick at the corner.

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Type Of Eyeliner For Summer

Source: harpersbazaar.com

Two Toned Winged Eyeliner

You may now know how to make a winged eyeliner for yourself, but don’t just stop right there. In this day and age, we focus more on creativity and talents, which is why playing two toned is a must. Choose a bright shade with dark eyeliner to pair up, and the accolades would pour in.

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Eye Makeup Tips For Summer

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The Amy Winehouse Look

In honor of Amy Winehouse, celebrity singer that bid adieu to this world recently, here’s her look to emulate. The lower lash line should be dotted bold, while the upper lash line should have a winged effect.

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Summer Eye Makeup Tips

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Smokey Eyeliners

Instead of ruining your foundation with plenty of dark toned eyeshadow to bring about a smokey eyed look, you could draw the eyeliner around with a winged touch and color within to bring on a grunged smokey eyeliner aura!

Smokey Eyeliners For Summer

Source: thegloss.com

The Block Eye Eyeliner

You have got to be a little different from what the rest of the girls are doing with their eyeliners, which is why we bring to you the block eye eyeliner. instead of the flick and curve, we shall look at drawing two straight lines that culminates into a block formation at the outer corner of the eyes.

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Block Eyeliner For Summer

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If you would like to flaunt one of the best type of eyeliner for summer, do write in.

We hope you loved this post on the way you could wear your eyeliner in different ways?

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