Is Pairing a Corset with Stockings a Hot Lingerie Trend?


Pairing a Corset with Stockings

Lingerie are already a sensual term, which only increases the temperature, but when it comes to combining them with a corset, they surely become something, which we can tag it as ‘erotic’.

This winning combination has already been a favorite attire for celebrity models and actresses, so as to give a risqué and voluptuous photo shoot.

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Before moving further, let’s go through a simple definition and brief history of corset.

What is a corset?

A corset is a kind of garment, which is worn to firmly hold and give a desired shape to torso. These are also used in medical fields, but more commonly are used for fashion and aesthetics.


Remember a scene from Titanic where Kate is helped wearing a corset?


The use of this kind of inenrwear became popular in 15th century, when Catherine de’ Medici, wife of King Henry II of France enforced a ban on thick waists and women were rather forced to put on this form of lingerie, which hugely contributed in giving a desired shape to the ladies.

Ways to Wear Your Corset

Present Day

These days, the corsets are rather used as a fashionable thing, only to woo one’s personality. These sensual and hot items are now in much demand these days. And we can blame the following celebrities, who’ve promoted these items in a bid to flaunt their desirable and ravishing figures.


Corset Pair up with Stockings

There’s no denying that corsets are the official costumes of Moulin Rogue dancers, but these lingerie were only made popular with the release of the movie of the same name and Chicago, who revamped this fading glamor back into the public eye.

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Being sexy does not always imply to shedding clothes, sometimes the very act of enclosing the body is far more seductive than stripping it. What say?

Enjoy your womanhood!!


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