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Moon Tattoo: Get Your Feminine Side On!

by Fashionlady
Moon Tattoo

Moon Tattoo

The moon is a beautiful piece of art and for millions of years human beings have tried to depict its beauty in various forms. And getting a tattoo is one of them too. A moon tattoo is one of the most feminine tattoos that you can get. You can have it in various intricate forms and get a different look with it.

You can get a moon tattoo for various reasons – a symbol of feminine power, Queen of Heaven or the dark side of nature. It is also a representation of the spiritual power and the various phases of moon may represent the various phases in your life. In this article we will give you ideas for moon tattoo designs and which one would be perfect for you.

Moon Phases Tattoo

Source: tattooimages.biz

Crescent Moon Tattoo Meaning:

Crescent moon tattoos are one of the most popular tattoos among moon tattoos. These have different meanings for different people. One common meaning is the expulsion of negative energy from your body and also growth of creativity and spirituality. Here are some ideas.

Fairies and moons go hand in hand:

Fairies and Moon Tattoo

Source: freetattoodesigns.org

A simple and shaded crescent moon tattoo looks great if you believe in simplicity:

Moon Tattoo Designs

Source: pinterest.com

Big fan of small tattoos – This simple tattoo with intricate lines is perfect for you:

To The Moon And Back Tattoo

Source: tattoobite.com

If you want to add some more feminine qualities to your tattoo, this crescent moon tattoo with creepers will look gorgeous:

Moon And Stars Tattoo

Source: tattoocollection.in

Half Moon Tattoo:

Most of the tattoos you will see are half-moon tattoos; nobody likes getting full moons tattoo not only because they look weird, but also because the beauty of the moon lies in the crescent shape only. Here are some unique half-moon tattoo designs.

A delicate half-moon tattoo with all the trimmings:

Half Moon Tattoo

Source: pinterest.com

For those of you who love tattoos on the back, this one that shows the various phases of the moon will be perfect. Also, this tattoo is unique because unlike regular tattoos, this one is made with the help of dots. Remember, if you choose to get this tattoo, you will have to come for minimum 4-5 sittings. It’s etched on the back using only dots:

Moon Cycle Tattoo

Source: askideas.com

Full Moon Tattoo

Source: golfian.com


Blue Moon Tattoos:

Blue moon tattoos are inspired by the saying ‘Once in a blue moon’, which means you want to represent something that will occur very rarely. So to depict something special, you can get a blue moon tattoo like these:

A blue moon tattoo inspired by Dali’s artwork:

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Blue Moon Tattoo

Source: tattoodesigns24.com

A beautiful combination of the sun and the moon over a rural landscape; something for the scenery lover in you:

Midnight Moon Tattoo

Source: tattoos-book.com

Love your pets, especially your cat? You can get a tattoo like this that is a tribute to the furry cat in your life as well as the exquisite moon:

Half Moon Tattoo

Source: tattoos-book.com

Another one for your pet:

Half Moon Tattoo

Source: tattoo-models.net

Illuminate your life as well as your moon tattoo:

Moon Tattoo

Source: pinterest.com

If you love mandala art, this moon tattoo that shows the phases of the moon and is intertwined with the mandala art looks insanely gorgeous:

Crescent Moon Tattoo

Source: tattooimages.biz

So here are our favourite moon tattoo designs. Inspirations are many, especially on the internet, but you have to choose which tattoo to get and what would look nice on you.

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