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Embroidered Blouse Designs With Zardozi For Every Festival and Occasion

by Fashionlady
Embroidered Blouses

Embroidered Blouse Designs

Festivities are on and in full swing. From religious festivals to sangeets, mehendis, shaadis and more, everyone is busy shopping looking for the best designs. Be it a lehenga or a sari, a good blouse is a must. Have you heard of embroidered blouses? Zardozi embroidery? Well, why have these names made it so big?

Like they say, a blouse makes or breaks a outfit. So, we have complied the best embroidered blouse designs  for you. Must we talk about the luxe haute styles being flaunted? OMG these embroidered zardozi blouses especially are so chic.

Beautiful And Simple Zardozi Embroidery blouse Designs

Zardozi Blouse Designs

Source: makaroka.com

Why We Love Embroidered Blouses?

The reason why we love intricate and very lovingly designed embroidered blouses apart from the styles and cuts is because of its versatility. You not only get to wear these lovely cholis and blouses with Indian ethnic wear, but can romp around on the streets with style, wearing your embroidered cholis with ciggy pants, denims hot pants, skirts, ghagras, dungarees and anything you would like to go fusion in!

Embroidery Designs for Blouse

Source: redpolka.com

Coming back to the love for embroidered blouses, did you know when it comes to zardozi, it was only the males at the manufacturing units in Kolkata and Lucknow that were engaged in making the designs and cutting the cloth? That was back then in the medieval times, but now there are women in the workforce too.

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Blouse Embroidery Designs For Silk Sarees

Source: beautyhealthtips.in

The craftiness of zardozi work blouses is handed down from one generation to the next, and in smaller villages of Lucknow it is said that kids as young as six, emulate the techniques watching their parents.

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Simple Embroidery Blouse Designs

Source: mruga.com

It’s All About Innovation and Creativity

You may have seen popular Bollywood divas wearing highly complex to simple embroidery designs for blouses when it comes to zardozi, and Lucknow zardozi is the most popular amongst them all. Embroidered blouses for sarees are the best combination that the traditional fashion world has seen. Thanks to the advancement of tailoring and modular machinery, the richness is intact with more oomph on the Mughal royalty being brought out these days.

Blouse Embroidery Designs

Source: pinterest.com

Instead of making the blouse embroidery designs for silk sarees, costly and only in gold threads or silver, artisans now are using synthetic wires and copper too, rayon and cheaper silk options as well so that PYTs across the nation could procure and use these chic blouses.

Wedding Blouse Embroidery Designs

Source: alibaba.com

Apart from that, the maintenance factor is most important to think about. This is because the zardozi work on embroidered blouse designs for cholis are surface based; the sheen and shine has to be maintained or else the show would go deep into an abyss!

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Latest Wedding Blouse Embroidery Designs

These days you would find heavy embroidered blouse designs and more ornamentation done some with 3D quality on every motif placed as well. One could say that this is an influence based on the demands of the PYTs up in north India, but when you come down south or south west, the patterns are kept to a minimal.

Zardozi embroidery

Source: pinterest.com


From flora to fauna, nature to wilderness, animals to birds, mythology to new-age trends and designs, simple embroidery blouse designs with chic touches and embellishments are the norm these days.

Embroidered blouses for Women

Source: wedmegood.com

Lucknow And Kolkata

During the reign of Aurangzeb, zardozi began flourishing and was encouraged as an industry across the nation. While the 12th century, imperial arts such as the zardozi spread far and wide across then India. The city of nawabs demanded more and more of zardozi work, patterns and styles, which is why back then Kolkata and Lucknow became the most important cities for zardozi crafts.

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Embroidered blouses with Zardozi

Source: southindiafashion.com

While all said and done, thinking about the history behind this opulent design and more, one can only salute the hard working team behind each chic choli produced. We encourage you to check for videos online such as this one that shows how zardozi blouses and other garments are made.

Zardozi blouses

Source: pinterest.com

Do let us know how you liked this post on zardozi, and yes, while we spoke at length about the background and styles of zardozi, we also showed you plenty of stylish numbers too – did you like them all? Which one was your favorite amongst the many blouse embroidery designs you saw?

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