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Feather Tattoo: Which One Should You Get

by Fashionlady
Feather tattoo for women

Feather tattoo

Who doesn’t love a dainty and feminine tattoo? For years, human beings have used the tattoo as a way to express themselves and express something they love. It is like an extension of a person’s persona and they may have a variety of reasons to get a tattoo. Most people will think and carefully decide why they should be getting a particular tattoo etched on their skin. This article is all about a feather tattoo and why you should get one. Read on to know more!

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Feather tattoo on ear

Feather Tattoo Meaning:

There are various different meanings of feather tattoos. The most common one is the Native American meaning. The feather is a very important part of the Native American culture. The symbol holds a lot of importance in their culture and is a part of their jewelry, their crowns, their clothing and also in their weapons and tools. The feather is believed to be a gift from the sky and hence carries all the virtues to be a perfect person. It also depicts a connection to the spiritual realm.

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A traditional feather tattoo with a dream catcher depicts filtering all your bad dreams and only keeping the good ones with you. Mostly, Colourful feather tattoo designs will commonly feature in dream catchers, like this one:

Feather tattoo woth flowers

The generic feather tattoo might also be created from the feathers of different birds. Each of these feathers means something different. For instance, the feathers of an eagle represent strength, prestige, and leadership. The Dove feather depicts peace and those of a peacock present beauty and pride.

Feather tattoo on the hand

This feather tattoo which shows birds flying out from the feather depicts freedom and liberty, a choice to take a path you want:

Feather tattoo on the back side

This feather tattoo on the foot represents a celestial connection- something which connects you to the spiritual realm:

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Feather tattoo on foot

This tiny feather tattoo on foot is for those who like to keep it subtle:

Feather tattoo on foot back side

When you have something life-changing or if a verse from Bible really touches your heart, you can commemorate it with the help of a tattoo like this:

Watercolor peacock feather tattoo: Watercolor tattoos are a favourite with a lot of tattoo enthusiasts these days. Watercolor tattoos actually look like they have been made with the help of watercolor paints. Check out this peacock feather tattoo:

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Feather tattoo on leg

Another version of the peacock feather tattoo is done in black and white:

Peacock feather tattoo

Another watercolor tattoo is this one, a symbol of your love for writing and your pet. We couldn’t think of a better way to show your love:

Feather Water tattoo

This one does not change into birds, instead, it changes into beautiful butterflies:

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Beautiful butterflies Tattoo

Feather with birds flying out tattoo: Among all the feather tattoos, this one is the most popular and a lot of people get it done to show a new instance of freedom or their liberty follow their passion. It symbolically means that you have given yourself the leverage to pursue your dreams. Here are some unique feather tattoos:

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A tiny one on your ankle (this location hurts!):

Feather tattoo with birds

Something which tiny tattoo lovers adore:

Feather black and white tattoo

An infinity feather tattoo to show the circle of life:

Infinity feather tattoo

The perfect combination of watercolor and peacock feather tattoo to remember someone close to your heart:

Feather With Names tattoo

Here were our best picks for feather tattoo designs. We are sure you have loved at least one of them! Make sure you get it from an experienced tattoo artist!
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