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Hindu Wedding Photography Poses – Beautiful Poses For A Hindu Bride

by Fashionlady
Hindu Wedding Photography Poses

Weddings are all beautiful. With the ceremonies, rituals, vows and most importantly the dreams that follow ahead. But what makes Indian weddings the most glorious of all the weddings across the globe is the pretty and coy bride in her colorful rich ensemble. The bride and the groom certainly provide an eyeful vision to the onlookers.

Hindu Wedding Photography Poses

Here are few tips to capture the Indian Bride in her Big Day to make it a memory to cherish forever.

Hindu Wedding Photography Poses:

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1. Haldi:

The pious ceremony begins with brightening the bride with a haldi paste. This is a fun-filled ritual. On one hand the bride is worried that extreme tint of yellow can mar her entire look, whereas the aunts and bhabhis are in no mood to let the bride go without having dunked her in a haldi paste. There is no way that you would want to miss capturing the bride now.

The bride mostly wears colours such as yellows and oranges as a haldi bridal wear. What to wear for haldi is one thing that must be given a thorough thought as the strong color might leave behind tough stains on the clothes.

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Hindu Wedding Photography Poses

Source: dkreatephotography.com

2. Bridal Mehendi:

The next pic that sure deserves a place in your album to be preserved till eternity is a flash into her intricate mehendi. The mehendi is an integral part of the bride’s make up in almost all Indian cultures. The idea is to take a close up of the Mehendi and leave the bride’s face or body out of focus.

A mehendi night is filled with henna, music, dance, dhol and lots of fun. For a mehendi night, to stick to the theme, the bride generally wears a green lehenga, saree, dress, etc.

There are a few exceptions though. We did see Dia Mirza wearing a pretty purple Anita Dongre lehenga for her mehendi ceremony.

indian wedding photography tips

Source: desktophdphotos.com

3. Bridal Make-up:

As I mentioned the beauty of a Hindu bride is a heaven for the eyes. You could stare at her for the entire day and still not get tired of it. So you need to click a few pics while she gets all decked up. This is how the magic is created.

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Never disturb the bride and the makeup professional while the makeup gets done. Both need to focus on the trending Bridal makeup. The bride has to make sure, she gets exactly what makeup she wants on her wedding day.

hindu wedding photos

Source: vipinphotography.com

4. Bridal Wear:

The best and most gorgeous of all the coming pictures that you are going to click is the bride sitting in all her grandeur and charisma. Capture her with her bridal lehenga or the bridal saree without fail.

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5. The Coy Bride:

What makes the Hindu bride different from brides all over the world is her coyness. So ask her to pose in her unadulterated bashful smile and you have a keepsake created.

Hindu Wedding Photography Poses 

Source: knotinfocus.in

6. The Ghunghat:

And another one with her ghunghat. Make the ghunghat fall on half of the face, and reveal of it.

Indian bride with Ghunghat

Source: drscdn.500px.org

7. Candid Bridal Picture:

Okay! Enough of coyness…. Now this is the 21st century bride that we are talking about. Let’s make her play candid. Capture one with her candid confident smile.

Candid Bridal Photography

Source: zcstudio.com

8. Dreamy Bride:

For the next one, the bride needs to pose while displaying all her dreams about the future in her beautiful mascara-laden eyes.

Hindu bridal photography poses

Source: aamerkapadia.com

Hope you are enjoying this article on Hindu wedding photography poses.

9. Bride and Bridesmaids:

Time of the besties to take over the focus. Yes, get all those pretty besties, and let them make their favorite pose. The one they have tried and tested over the years, just that now the attire and venue is totally different.

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Hindu Bride and Bridesmaids

Source: maharaniweddings.com

10. Bridal Bangles:

One click of those pretty eyes through the veil of her bangles. That is a pose she can never get wrong, and the cameramen should never miss to capture.

Indian Bridal Bangles photography tips

Source: simplypush.com

11. Bride With Her Father:

She might have been all grown up and ready to go, but she will always be daddy’s li’l girl. So the next pose has to be a click of the daddy-daughter moment.

Indian Bride With Her Father

Source: wikimedia.org

12. Mother and Bride:

She shouldn’t be left out either. With all the years of hard work and sleepless nights mommy too has a share in the daughter’s love. Just get those Mehendi smeared hands around the mother, and click the camera button.

Indian Mother and Bride

Source: pinterest.com

13. Bride and Brother Indian Wedding Photography Poses:

Amidst all these emotional clicks don’t leave out the naughty ever-teasing, ever-possessive, ever-fighting but ever-loving brother aside.

Bride and Brother Indian Wedding Photography Poses

Source: nakaiphotography.com

14. The Grand Bridal Entry Pose:

Having thrown tantrums like a princess all her life, this is her real royal entry. Capture this elegance because it’s not going to happen again.

Indian Bride Grand Entry Pose

Source: bollywoodshaadis.com


15. First Sight Of The Bride: A Hindu Wedding Photography Pose, Must-Have:

Also known as the shubhadrishti, this is a vital ritual of the Bengali culture. The bride is made to cast her glace on the groom through the tiny gap between the beetle leaves held in each hand. She may look into the camera posing as if looking at the groom. Just click it.

First Sight of the Bride

Source: lifestyle.yahoo.com

16. Saath Pheras:

it might be difficult to get a flawless click of the pheras during the ceremony. So it would be a great idea to make the bride and groom lace their hands together and make a gesture of motion in front of the holy ceremonial fire, before or after the actual ceremony.

Hindu Wedding Saath Pheras

Source: fuerstjh.com

17. The Hindu Wedding Photos Of Sindoordan:

Now with this one you can’t get a rehearsal or a re-take. You can’t ask the bride to wear the sindoor before the actual ritual takes place, and once the sindoor has been bestowed and graced the maang of the bride, you can’t ask the groom to re-do it. So, it is the ace of the cameraman that decides how perfectly he can capture this moment.

Hindu Wedding Photos Of Sindoordan

Source: srkpro.com

18. Bride and Groom Moment:

Now that they are officially wedded, you may candidly ask the groom to lift the bride up in his arms. This provides a spectacular view for the guests, and the family members.

Hindu Bride and Groom Moment

Source: bollywoodshaadis.com

19. Vidaai:

As tiny drops of tears wad up into the shiny eyes of the bride, we know it’s time for vidaai. This is again and emotional and sensitive time and there is no way that you can request the bride to make poses. Here again, the skillfulness of the cameraman is put to show, to click the bride beautifully.

Hindu wedding Vidaai photography

Source: jamesthomaslong.com

And thus we have created a beautiful album. This is apparently, not just an album, but a treasure, no less precious than all the gold and diamond jewelry that held our beautiful bride in all her grace and glory while she took the oaths for undying love and commitment. We wish her a life as colorful and glazy as the pictures of her wedding album.

Hope this article on Hindu wedding photography poses is helpful.

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