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What To Wear With Grey Pants At Work

by Fashionlady
grey pants outfit

What To Wear with Grey Pants

Grey pants are trending high nowadays mainly in outfits for business and work casuals. They look sincere and cultured, and fit in wholly with your office environment. If you’re reading this article you’re probably either joining an office or have no idea on how to pair grey pants with the rest of your clothes. Right? Well, don’t be embarrassed. Although, styling your casual work outfits can be tricky; we’re here to help.

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How To Dress In a Grey Pants Outfit

Let’s see how to match grey pants outfit. The key is the colour combination. A colour pallet needs to be assimilated to understand what to wear with grey pants. Grey is a rather neutral colour, so many colours coordinate well with it. It fits with nearly all colours and all their shades.

The Sweater Look

Grab a pretty knitted sweater and team it up with your grey pants. A nice colour combination that will work with this is a pink sweater with grey. White will look rather elegant also. The grey and pink will function wonderfully to form a classy garb.

To highlight this look, wrap a scarf around your neck with these colours.

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What Color to wear with grey pants

The Blazer Look

Wear a fresh white shirt over your grey pants and adorn a blazer over it. The colour of the blazer can be either black or grey, to correlate with the rest of the attire.
Tuck your shirt in to get the foolproof office ensemble.

business casual for women

The Belted Blazer Look

Another similar attire; put on grey trousers with your grey blazer and button up the blazer. Tie a belt around your torso region to get the dashing work outfit.

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how to pair grey pants

The Shirt with Ruffles Look

Get your wide leg grey trousers and pair them up with a shirt or blouse which has ruffles and put a cardigan on top. This one will always be stylish.

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Ways to pair grey pants

The Muscle Tee Look

Own a muscle t-shirt? Why not pair it up with your grey pants and dress down for office. Looks really fab!

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The Long Coat Look

Pull on your Grey pants along with a crisp pastel coloured shirt and nice long coat. Slip in to some heels and you’re good to go.

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casual work outfits

The Tweed Cover-up Look

All that’s needed is a silk blouse and a tweed cover-up with your grey pants. Accessorize simply with a neckpiece wear some open-toed heels to finish up the look. Simple and fashionable.


business casual for womens

The Turtleneck Look

You can try on your turtleneck sweater with your grey pants. And complete by jumping into some sneakers. You’re ready!

How to wear business casual

The Suit Button Vest Look

This get up is really elegant. You’ll need to purchase a three-piece suit set which contains – slim straight grey pants, suit button vest and a jacket (preferably all in grey!). Put them on and slip in to some peep toe heels.

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It can be donned without the jacket also.

Grey Pant Outfits

The Printed Jacket Look

Have a softly printed jacket, suitable to wear formally? Dress in this along with your grey trousers or ankle pants. Has a splendid overall look!

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The Wide Legged Trouser Look

You can pull this outfit off completely if you own wide legged pants. Just team them up with a formal silk shirt and blazer. It’s that elementary!

Best Grey Pants Outfit

The Printed Greys Look

Have a pair of printed grey pants? Don it with a black coloured shirt and pale coloured or crisp blazer in neutral tone. Looks great, right?

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Grey Pants for Womens

The Tie Look

Who says only men can wear ties? Just put on your grey pants with a crisp white shirt and decorate with a tie! You’ll look stunning.

what color shirt with grey pants

The Leopard Shirt Look

Button up your leopard printed shirt or overcoat and combine with your grey pants. A remarkable combination.

What color shirts match with gray pants

The Leather Jacket Look

Just put on your leather jacket, fur vest or leather fur overcoat with your grey pants and transform your office getup in to an exciting night time attire with ease!

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What To Wear With Grey

So now you have gotten a glimpse of ways to wear business casual with grey pants. Started trying these out already? Do! Have fun mix and matching these shades of grey and make your own collection of business casual for women and getting that perfect look!

Best business casual for women
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