A Sneak-Peak Flaunting The Famous Alessandra Rinaudo Wedding Dresses


Famous Alessandra Rinaudo Wedding Dresses, 2015

Planning your wedding and would like to go a little western at the sangeet or the wedding reception, with a touch of desi? The choice isn’t bad to think of, especially if you like an amalgamation of the east-meets-west saga. Bridal designer Alessandra Rinaudo wedding dresses were showcased across the fashion weeks this year.Take inspiration darlings!

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A Play Of Sheer And Net

We love the play of sheer and net, the backless touch with a tease and subtle white embroidery patterns that bring on the bridal charm. The flowing long satin gown, and the super long white trail, makes the ensemble an enchanting trousseau on D-Day to wear!

Bridal designer Alessandra Rinaudo wedding dresses
Source: modwedding.com

Fishtail Wedding Tales

Flaunting the curves and to the waist, the white wedding gown in satin, sheer and net, along with minimal thread work and patched embroidery is a wonderful princesses walk-down-the-aisle in the making!

Alessandra Rinaudo Wedding Dresses, 2015
Source: pinterest.com

Playing With Layers

An off-shoulder wedding gown, with plenty of white layers for the skirt, and a bow on the waist, the Alessandra Rinaudo collection with wedding dress was an epitome of classy touches and chic couture!

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Alessandra Rinaudo collection
Source: pinterest.com

Playing With The Sleeve

Long-sleeved and made from sheer and net; perfect for the summer Indian weddings too. The trail is a beauty to behold, with subtle patchwork touches and the LOW V Neck brings out the charm and grace, with touches of sensuality!

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Alessandra Rinaudo wedding dress
Source: alessasbridalcoralgables.com

Voluminous Can-Cans

While the can-can beneath a bridal gown brings out the Victorian touch and elegance, our designer took it one notch up having the can-can completely blown to its max for extra flair and style! Sitting pretty underneath the bridal dress, the can-can enhances a petite waist and makes the bride look full too!

Alessandra Rinaudo 2015 wedding dresses
Source: weddinginspirasi.com

Ethereal Touches

Not all veils have to be high bowed and crownish to wear, and the designer this time showed us how! The ethereal glam look was brought about by a flat patchy white veil, combined with a jacket and a satin-net long gown!

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Dresses by Alessandra Rinaudo 2015
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Minimal And Simple

Minimal touches to the off-shoulder sheer bridal wedding gown, with two patchy stars on a shoulder each to flaunt, a voluminous can-can below, and sheer-net dangles for the aisle walk! Alessandra charmed the brides-to-be once again!

Bridal dresses for wedding
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La Italiano

A touch of everything Italian, the off-shouldered bridal wedding gown in white satin and silk fabrics, shook the ground underneath the front row audience’s feet! Excellent white embroidery, chic net gloves, romantic touches to the bust line- what else does a bride need on her D-Day!

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off-shouldered bridal wedding gown
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Sophisticated And Vintage

The many looks of designer Alessandra’s bridal gowns were a charming lot for the visual senses, sending PYTs who would be hitching soon enough, into a tizzy. The sheer halter neck blouse, flowing into the long trailed white embroidered dress, spun magic with a trail emulating the mighty waterfall layers.

Bridal collection 2015 by Alessandra
Source: wixstatic.com


Low Necks And The Wedding Dress

Inspired by the Italian way of life, low necks for bridal wedding dresses became the signature mark of designer Alessandra Rinaudo this year. Perfect contouring to flaunt one’s curves, netted gloves and a sheer top with a low neck blouse, and a trail not to long, romancing the A-Line gown- a perfect inspiration to think of!


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